Night Watch Review

Hi, this is Young Flame!

Night Watch is the 33rd island. I’d say it’s a medium difficultly. It’s sort of fun, but a bit boring and predictable. There is a mall and they let the night guard go so you have to take his place. There is a thief loose and you have to find and catch him. It’s a slow game involving McGauffin’s, Eddie the Snake, robots, Preston, and a rare baseball card. There is one thing that I really like and that’s how interactive it is. I liked the ITN (In The Now) clothing store. You don’t do much there, but you can customize from the mannequins. There also the kiosks that you always see in malls. You can create a hat with either your tribe logo on it or nothing. There is a photo booth, but instead of those cheesy photo strips, you get your face on a magazine of you choice (fashion, tabloid, sports, etc.). There is a place where you can make your own perfume, which is the most boring one, but it’s sort of fun. You can go to the tanning salon where you can get tanned (or burnt) or you can get a spray-on tan (any color of your choice). That’s my favorite. Overall, those booths make up for the actual island itself! If anything, I would recommend the island, but I think the inter-activities are pretty much what makes me do that.

Thanks for reading!

Young Flame

(I’d try the island, but this is just my opinion. Please don’t be rude in the comments, but feel free to write your own (short) review there. Don’t give away the thief please!)


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