Other Pop Blogs

Here are some other Poptropica Blogs, that our Authors have connections to:

Heroes of Poptropicans (HOP)

Poptropican Awesomeness (On WordPress) (PAw)

POP Goes Poptropica (PGP)

Camp Poptropican

Free Advertising!! Just comment this page!!  Other Pop Blogs:

Adventure Time Pop (ATP)

Poptropica Tips For Poptropicans (PTFP) 

Cheat Dudes Blog (CDPB)

Little Hero’s Blog (LHB) 

If you are just starting your blog out, comment us the link and some other info and we might put it as a dropdown!! Here is the signup sheet: (Also, please remember to add http:// and your actual blogging name instead of www. or Me)


Blog: Poptropican Awesomeness     Owner: Nameless UnDEFiNed       Link: http://poptropicanawesomeness.wordpress.com        Some other Authors: Sleepy Feather and the PAw’s.

Thanks, Nameless UnDEFiNed, and Young Flame


16 thoughts on “Other Pop Blogs

  1. Cheat Dude’s Blog link doesn’t work.

    • I’m afraid your site has some copyright infringements, and I don’t want to support doing so per se, so I will not be adding it to the page. Apologies.

      • What do you mean by “copyright infringements”?

        • I mean you’re posting other people’s work without hyper linking to them.

          • Like what work am I posting that’s other people’s?

          • You can’t quote someone else and not link / credit them, ie: PHB’s information which you posted, which is the first post I was when checking yours to add. I’m not adding it until then, and one little copyright issue sends up a flare for plenty of others in blogging.

          • OH! I see what you mean! I will do that right away!

          • Okay. I finished. Tell me if there is any I left out. Sorry for bothering you btw.

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