Spy Island Island Guide (Written)

Spy Island

Spy Island1

As soon as you arrive,  run right until you see the Spyglass Eyewear Shop.


Go inside.  Go left until you see a man in a white lab coat.

Great Eyeware

Press him and select the last option, “I’d like a eye exam”.  You will see a chart in front of you.Identify It Backwards

He will tell you to identify each symbol that he points to.  Choose the opposite of whatever he points to.  After about five times, he will say, “I see that Director D has sent you. Meet me upstairs.”  Exit the building and jump on the ladder that is to the left of the entrance.

Secret Room

Go into the door you see.  Go left and talk to the scientist.

Lab Spies

He will give you the Chameleon Suit.  Equip it and you will blend in with the background!Chameleon Spy

Run left until you reach the Docks sign.  Press it.  This place is swarming with B.A.D. agents, so try to stay out of their way!

Spy Island3

If you do encounter one, stay still and they won’t see you(if you have your chameleon suit on).  Make your way to the top left corner, where you will see a door guarded by two B.A.D. agents.

B. A. D. Agents

Go into the door.  You will be in a long walkway guarded by viscous guard dogs.  Wait until they pass you and then run.  There are three of them.  I took this photo and couldn’t resist putting it on here. LolTiny Dog

I shrunk the dog with my Shrink Ray Gun. (Available for purchase in the Poptropica Store)

When you pass all three, you will be in a large room with shelves along the wall.  Jump left from shelf to shelf, as there is a B.A.D agent on the ground.  At the far left side of the room is a vault which has a hole in the top.  Jump down the hole and you will find one of your agents tied up and gagged.  Press him and he will be released.  He will reward you with a Laser Pen and a Satellite Clue. He also knocks out the door guard.  Knocked out Security

Exit the building.  Run past Main Street until you reach a sign saying Balding Avenue.  Press it.  Run right until you reach the B.A.D. Bistro.Bistro Dining- Late

Enter it.  If you are wearing any spy gear, the door man will rudely take it off.  Run right until you see the chef.  Talk to him and tell him that you would like to apply for the job. (Haha, its me and Nameless on Poptropican Awesomeness)  He will say that a good chef must have a good memory.  He will give you a simple memory test.Memory Chef

Pass it, and you will receive a Chef Hat.  Walk left to the dining B.A.D. agents, and talk to the guy with the mustache.  He will give you a cup and ask you to fill it with water.  You can’t do that because,1. You need the cup for later, and 2. There isn’t a water refill station in the restaurant.  He won’t let you leave until you refill the cup.  Luckily, there’s a secret way out of the restaurant.  Go back into the kitchen and jump on the fridge.  Now jump on the right-hand shelf.  You should see it.

Escape Hatch

Jump into it and then on the ceiling lamps.  You will make it safely past the agents.  Exit the building.  Run right until you see a sign pointing to Toupee Terrace.  Press it.  Run right past the doorway, until you get to the low windows.  Be careful, all the windows have security lasers that will turn on and off periodically.Security Freaks

Jump up to the first roof and then jump on the smaller windows to the left.  Get to the next roof and then jump on the windows to your right.Spy Island6

Jump up to the main roof and get to the barred windows.The Terrace

Press them and there will be a close-up of them.  Use the Laser Pen to chop through them.Breakout

Go inside.  Run left and you will see another of your agents tied up.

Hero Fallen

Press him and you will release him.  He will give you a Grappling Bow-Tie and some more Satellite Clues.  Exit the building.  Go back to Balding Avenue.  As soon as you arrive, equip your Grappling Bow-Tie.  Jump and while in the air, press again.  The Bow-Tie will shoot out and if it hits a area where you can stand, it will grapple on to it.  Go back to the sign for Toupee Terrace and shoot the bow-tie straight up.  It will hit some ledges.  Keep on going straight up and you will reach a sign for Rooftops.Rooftops

Press it.  When you arrive, jump to the third ledge above you.  Then jump as much as you can to the left.  You will land on a long ledge. Shoot the bow-tie straight up and you will land on another ledge, the only difference is, there is a B.A.D. agent patrolling it!  You can equip the Chameleon Suit if necessary.  Get to the left side of the ledge and shoot the bow-tie in a north-west angle.  You will land on or close to a antennae.Astro Spies

Move to where I am in the photo and shoot the bow-tie in a north-north-east angle.  You should hopefully land on another antennae.  If not, don’t worry, this is the hardest part of the island.  If you do, jump off it and walk in the tube that is to your right.  You will be in a greenhouse with a lot of plants and plant monsters.  Run right until you reach the cherry-bomb tree.Cherry Bombs Galore

Click the giant cherry and it will fall off.  You can push it around!  You need to get it to the top left corner where a agent is trapped in a cage.  Use the leaves as needed to bounce the cherry around.  Beware the plant monsters as they will knock you around if you get close to them!  Once you free the agent, she will reward you with Ultra Vision Goggles and another Satellite Clue.Blow it up

Go back to Toupee Terrace.  Run right until you reach a fence with a hole in it.Control Center

Go into it.  You will be surrounded by lasers, but you can see them if you put on your Ultra Vision Goggle!  Run right until you get to the water and then jump up onto the building to the left.  Make your way past the lasers and moving platforms to the entrance, located on the top left side.Hardness

Press the door and you will see a closeup with the B.A.D. agent’s finger print on your glass.  Go inside.  Jump up the platforms to your right.  Once at the top, press the computer.  A cage will go around you!   Luckily, Director D will come to rescue you!  He will order you to get the teleporter working.  Press the computer again and you will zoom into the screen.  Type”LASER” enter”HAIR”enter”REMOVAL”enter, and the teleporter will start up.


Director D will start laughing evilly and will walk into it.  How odd.  Go inside yourself.Teleport to space

Once you arrive, Director D will say that he doesn’t need his ridiculous toupee anymore.Stupid Director

His hair mysteriously disappears.  He also says that he will vaporize the hair of everyone in Poptropica!  You say,”You’re behind all this?”  He says,”Yes, because you brought me to my satellite.”  He retreats into a metal box and sends four minibots after you.  The only way to defeat them is to make their plug ins touch the batteries scattered around.

Shocked by a Nanobot

You can use your bow-tie if you want to.


After you defeat all four, Director D will get seriously angry and will try to kill you himself.  This is the funnest part of the entire island.  D will rise out of his box in a large flying machine.

End of day

Activate your bow-tie(if you don’t have it activated already) and shoot it towards the ceiling.  Stay up there and D will  fly towards you.  If his machine touches the roof, it gets cracked.


Do it two more times and he will surrender.  You will go back to the spy headquarters and Director D will be behind bars.

No Fair!!!!!!!!!

Director Spinner

The secretary will promote you to Director and you will receive the island’s medallion! Congratulations! You have beaten Spy Island!

— GS


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