Shark Tooth Island Guide (Written)

Photos credit to Icy Comet’s Blog, Poptropica Secrets, WikiHow

Go to Shark Tooth island.  Walk right until you meet a man selling shark fins.  Talk to him and you will receive a Shark Fin.  Run right until you see the man in front of the Coconut Cafe.  By talking to him, he will give you a jar of Coconut Milk.

Run right until you see a sign pointing to the ancient ruins.  Press it.  Run right, dodging the coconuts, until you see a giant slab of rock.Cocos

Push it until it is just under the vine coming from the palm tree.  jump on to the rock and then on to the vine.  Climb up the vine until you are above the first wooden platform.  Hop on it.  Jump on to the next wooden platform above it.  The entire time, Beware The Coconuts!  They will knock you over if you touch them.  Jump left as far as you can.  You should land on the top of the temple.  Move left until you collect the Translation Key.  

Jump off the roof and enter the temple.  Make your way to the top left corner of the room, dodging the bats.  They will knock you over on contact.  Once you get to the top, you will see a green thing on the wall.  Press it and you will see a magnified version of it.
The code is the word “OPEN”, but with the symbols shown on the translation key.  Once you enter the code in, press the triangle.  If you entered it in correctly, the eyes will glow green.  If not, the eyes will glow red and you will have to do it again.  Now go left.  You will be on a ledge.  The fast way to get through this section is to fall.  Jump down and make your way left.  You will see a golden shark statue.  But wait!  There is a giant caterpillar that is creeping up and down it.  The caterpillar will knock you over if you touch it.  Time it carefully and make it to the other side.  Go left until you reach a room.  There will be a skeleton of a great shark.  In it’s mouth is a bone.  Grab it and you will receive the Old Bone.  Go back to the statue and get to the top of it.  Jump on the swinging platform that is over it.

Once it swings as far left as it can, jump on to the platform to the left.  Jump to the next platform.  You will have to wait, as there is a moving platform.  Once it comes, jump on it and wait until you reach the other side.  Jump off and exit the room.  You will be in a long room.  Just run left.  Once you get to the altar jump up on it and you will receive the Key Ingredient.

Climb the vine and exit the temple.  Wow!  You are in Main Street!  The temple took you a long way.  Anyway,  Run back to the Ancient Ruins.  Once there, run all the way to the right until you see a sign that reads, “Booga Bay.”  Press it.  You’ll find yourself in a beach setting, but you can jump in the water later.  Talk to the man selling grass skirts and he will give a Grass Skirt.  Equip it.  Go back to the Ancient Ruins.  Push the rock the rock under the vine and jump on the rock. Jump on the vine.  Climb up the vine and jump on the first wooden platform, and from there, hop onto the second wooden platform.  But now,  press the vine above the second wooden platform.

Make your way to the top.  At the top, their is a strange looking man with a spoon in his hand.

Medicine Man

Talk to him, and he will make a calming potion with the Old BoneKey Ingredient and the Coconut Milk.  Go back to Booga Bay.  Once you get there, go right until you see a cannon.  Press the cannon.  Now things will look smaller.No Swimming!

Click anywhere to shoot the calming potion.  Watch as the shark comes up and eats it.  It will turn green and fall asleep.  Now swim to the right.  After a bit of swimming you will arrive on a island.  Run right and talk to the old man with the yellow clothes.  Then talk to the boy.  They will now follow you!  Lead them back the the beach in Booga Bay, where the grass-skirt guy is.  Once you get there talk to the woman in purple.  She will thank you for saving her son( the boy, not the old man).  Then the man with the huge beard will give you your prize, the island medallion.

Congratulations!  You have completed the island!  You can now wear the medallion by going to your inventory, selecting the island medallion and clicking “Put on”.

— GS


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