Early Poptropica Island Guide (Written)

Photos credit to, Icy Comet’s blog, Poptropica Help Blog and thatsmemarkbryan

Once you arrive, walk right until you get to a sign saying “Early Poptropica”. Press it.

Welcome To Early!

Go right until you get to a well. Go down it. Make your way left, using the crates as needed. Your aim is to get to the top left corner. Once you get there, you will find a glow-stick. Walk over to get it! Exit the cavern. Go back to Main Street. Run left until you reach a manhole. Go down it. You should be hanging from a rope. Make your way down to the ground, dodging the little spiders. If they touch you, you will fall over. Once you get to the bottom, walk over to the right-hand side. There will be a enormous spider in the way, but you can just jump over him.

Creepy Crawlies

You will see a odd-looking pig in some spider webs. Collect him. Walk over to the left side. Click on the end to go left. Go left again. You should see your glow-stick activated and a chilling message on the wall, “Darkness Awaits”. Go all the way left until you see the first rope. Go up it until you see a place with a choice to go right or left. Go all the way right until you pass two ropes. Climb the second rope. Go left until you see another rope. Climb that one. Go left until you see a golden egg. Grab it.

Go past the getting warmer sign and climb the rope.  Go left and climb the first rope you see.  Go left yet again, and this time, go down the rope.  Go left and climb the next rope.  Go right until you see a rope.  Freedom! Run left until you see a brown building.  Make your way to the top and then jump left.  You should land on a statue.

Tower District

Jump on the red/brown house.  Jump on the clothesline and try to land on the blue tower.  Jump to the top, where there is a rooftop dining area.  Click on the beanstalk to continue.

You will find yourself in a cloud-top fairy tale land, complete with a castle in the distance.  Run right and you will meet a giant.  Press him and he will ask for the golden egg, which we already have.  After you give him the egg, he will let you pass.  Go right.  Run right again, through the giant’s garden.  You will see a sign.  Press it.

This time, you will be in the aircraft graveyard, complete with air turbines and broken airplanes.Mars or bust! Run right until you land on a hover board.  There will be a jet pack.  Get it. Equip the jet pack and you will be able to fly!  Fly left over the broken airships and exit to the giant’s garden.  Go past the fruits until you see a shovel.  Stand on it.  Slowly fly up until you can get past the shovel’s handle.  Quickly move left.  You should land between the bucket and the shovel.  Go down the hole.

You’ll land on the water tower.  Collect the flag.  Go back to Early Poptropica and talk to the third man you pass.  Talk to him and you will give him the prized porker.  Talk to the next man and you will give him the water bucket.  Go up the tower to the right and talk to the man up there.  You will give him the flag.  Now, go right.  There will be a boat that wasn’t there before.  Talk to the person on the boat and he will reward you with a medallion! Congratulations!  You have completed the island!  You can now wear the medallion by going to your inventory, selecting the island medallion and clicking “Put on”.

— GS


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