Episode 6

I see a boy?

“Um, hi?” I say.

“Hi, my name is White Dragon, and I got lost on this island,” he says.

“Uh, hi?” I say again. I feel very stupid for being dumbfounded by a boy. I guess I’ve always been homeschooled with two sisters. I’ve never known any boys except my family. I force myself to take my eyes off his tan skin and blond hair and blue eyes and….Stop it! This is one of the few times I’m not writing in my diary, I need to make the best of it. “I’m Young Flame. Where are you from?” I force myself to harden my face and take a neutral attitude on this boy. The last stranger we met turned into a wacko threat.

“I’m not exactly sure. My memories are hazy. I cane from the future. It was horrible. I can remember that much. I was fighting some villain. I don’t remember much about him. He was dressed in purple in yellow and he looked like a court fool,” White Dragon said. He started rubbing his forehead like that little piece of information was giving him a headache. I decided he was safe, but I wasn’t sure if I wanted a guy honing in on our trip. If you could call it a trip.

Mighty and Red start walking out, slowly and carefully. They come over and examine the boy. I take advantage of that moment to take in every detail. He looks about my age, 14 to be exact. He has a scar of his forehead and a small bruise on his cheek. He is wearing a tattered blue shirt and beige pants. I shake my head, trying to get the image out of my head. My mission is too important. I can’t be distracted.

“Tell you what. I can hook us up with a spare tent and you can stay with us for the night. We can work it out from then,” I say and the bot nods.

I wish for a tent and it appears. We settle in and I take my watch. I still can’t shake White from my head. Mom used to tell me, when I was distracted, I should take the time to write down exactly how I felt. It would get my emotions off my chest and I would feel better. I take my diary out and start writing. After about 10 minutes, I’m done. I reread the story and realize it’s focused on one thing. One thing that will distract me from my mission. One thing that will weaken my vow to not rely on the world. One thing that Sid from Ice Age mistakes for lice. That one word is love.


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