Episode 5

“What? What’s going on?” I say.

“Um, this is, um, uh, my, um, security system, you might say. They’re not very good. I hired them to attack anyone on command, but now if I am with anybody, they come. I can’t control them and I don’t know how to stop them from killing you,” Icy said. I want to trust her, but I see a smile playing on the corners of her lips; one that she wants to hide.

“That’s fine. I know a way,” I say in a tone slightly colder than I intended.

‘I wish I could go to a different island. One in idea mode. And I wish I wouldn’t be found by this Icy Comet sitting beside me,” I think.

I disappear and reappear with all my belongings. Then I realize that I am alone. I quickly wish for my sisters and their stuff and we set off to explore. After a while, we stop and set up camp. The island looks deserted. I flip through my diary. The diary that I am currently writing in.

“What’s that?” Mighty asks. She has never noticed it before because she is mainly in her own little world.

“It’s my diary. I write every personal thing in here that I like, hate, or things I want to vent about,” I say very quietly.

“May I look at it?” she asks.

“Sure,” I say.

She opens it to the first page.

I am walking. Yes, just walking. No special reason. Why am I writing in this diary? I don’t know. I guess I just feel it.

Then she flips to the end. There is something I had never noticed. It’s a little envelope. She opens it and takes out pages that matches the ones in the diary.

Dear daughters.

If you are reading this, that means I am gone. I have gone to do what I want and I hope I am in a wonderful place. Don’t worry about me. I am happy. I know what I want and I am doing what I want. I hope you can cope. I feel terrible for leaving you alone, but by now, you are probably old enough to take care of yourself. I want you to know that we will see each other again, and I am counting down the days until that day comes. I hope you are happy, and I love you very, very much.


~ Big Hero

“This was Mom’s journal?” Red Rock asks and I jump.

“Um, I guess it is. I found it hidden in our room. I guess she did used to tell us that she slept in that room before you and I were born,” I say.

We hear a rustling in the bushes and it’s Red’s turn to jump.

“What was that?!?!?” Mighty squeals and dives into the tent.

“Go inside, Red. I’ll check it out,” I say, pushing my sisters to safety. Or as close to safety as they can get. I slowly creep toward the bushes. I peek inside and see……


3 thoughts on “Episode 5

  1. And, yes. I know a security system is a little anti-climatic. I couldn’t come up with anything better.

  2. Clean Shark.That’s when the Ongoing Story Creation came.

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