Happy Halloween! 🎃🎃👻👻

Happy Halloween for some and Happy late Halloween for others, either way I hope everybody had a great Halloween! And to get into the Halloween spirit, I’m going to show you the winners of the Best Haunted Lands chosen by the Poptropica Creators.

From Brave Owl, this is one forest we wouldn’t want to walk through at night.

From Cuddly Ring, a house of horrors with three levels of thrills.

From Dangerous Tooth, a classic haunted mansion.

From Fast Lizard, an amazing paranormal panorama.

From Fearless Lizard, a floating fear factory.

From Friendly Raptor, these are two great tastes that taste terrifying together.

From Invisible Octopus, this is one great pumpkin.

From Popular Fish, it’s a ghost ship adrift on a sickly sea.

From Prickly Fish, we’re just going to assume this gargantuan skeleton creature is reaching out for a big hug.

From Red Singer, there’s a surprise around every turn in this haunted house.

Congratulations to the winners, your creations look very spooky! 👻👻🎃🎃👻👻🎃🎃👻👻🎃🎃👻👻

Once again, you can vote for your favourite on the sidebar at the Poptropica Creators’ Blog.

Also congratulations to Silver Lightning, who was voted for the Best Obstacle Course.

The Poptropica Land public preview is now closed. We hope everyone had a good time trying it out. Your creations and your feedback are invaluable as we prepare for an official launch of Poptropica Land early next year.

That was taken from the Poptropica Creators’ Blog. So sadly the Poptropica Public Preview is closed so non-members aren’t able to try out Poptropica Land anymore. I hope you guys had fun!



Updated Shrink Ray Island!

Hey guys! So today, I was looking around on Twitter, when I decided to go on the Poptropica’s Twitter, I saw this:

Yep, so Shrink Ray Island will be next to become an updated island! They said it will be released sometime next month. Also with that news, they have decided to release two members-only items for it, the Milk Box and Bottle Cap Costume!

Embedded image permalink
So if you’re a member, go ahead and grab them in the store!

Dream Home Masterpieces

Can I just say AMAZING. Wow you guys have really made some spectacular dream homes. So the Poptropica Creators have announced their 10 favourite dream homes that were sent in by Poptropicans for the Poptropica Land public preview challenge. Here they are:

From Cool Sponge, here’s a Victorian-style mansion that looks like an absolutely gorgeous place to live, provided the Bates Motel is not located just down the hill.

From the one and only Friendly Fish, an abode that lives up to her name.

From Golden Lightning, a period piece that wouldn’t look out of place on Mythology Island.

From Golden Lobster, a dream home of biblical proportions — inside the belly of a whale!

From Hyper Fire, the great thing about a houseboat is that if you don’t like your neighbors, you can just pack up and leave!

From Mad Comet, a gorgeous fusion of old and new, built into a hillside. Does the League of Shadows have meetings here?

From Red Sun, a nicely organized, wonderfully appointed home. It’s move-in ready!

From Small Tiger, this one has it all: a lovely garden, comfortable accommodations, and a storeroom that will guarantee you outlast the apocalypse.

From Striped Fox, this home is distinguished by a massive telescope in the observatory, which fortunately is pointed away from the bathrooms.

From Zany Crown, this is a treehouse that stays true to its roots. Just beautiful.

You guys definitely deserved your creation on the Poptropica Creators’ Blog. Now for the next three days we are allowed to vote for our favourite dream home from the ones shown above. Which one is your favourite? Just head on over to the Poptropica Creators’ Blog and on the sidebar is the poll where you can vote! Remember that until 23rd of October you can make your best village to show the Creators. Have fun everybody! 😀


Final episode of Survival out this Thursday!

Yep Poptropica fans you read right. The fifth and final episode of Survival is coming out this Thursday to all Poptropica Members!

In Survival: Escape, Myron Van Buren has you on the run. But a chance encounter gives you the chance to turn the tables and escape the woods, once and for all!

Dun, dun, duuun! 😀 I am definitely looking forward to this episode! All you lucky members out there make sure you go on Poptropica on September 11th to get early access to Survival: Escape, the final (sorry, just had to put that in bold xD) episode of the Survival adventure. 🙂


Listen to Poptropica music anywhere!

Hello all my Poptropica friends! 😀 Now you don’t have to be on Poptropica completing islands to listen to Poptropica music, you can listen to it anywhere! The Poptropica Creators have just released Poptropica Music Volume 1 which features downloadable songs from islands like Mythology Island, Monster Carnival and Time Tangled Island.

You can get Poptropica Music Volume 1 on iTunes here or on Amazon here.

Individual tracks are 99 cents, or you can get the full album (all 12 tracks!) for only $9.99 on iTunes, or $8.99 on Amazon. 🙂


More Poptropica Land Creations!

Hey everybody, PR here! It definitely looks like you members are having A LOT of fun with Poptropica Land. Let me just say that you are definitely making us non-members pretty jealous. Here are a couple of amazing creations that the Poptropica Creators have shown:

Magic Fire made an amazing self-sculpture.

And Young Fish gave us a panoramic port city.

Yep, those two creations definitely look awesome! Keep up the awesome work! 🙂

Popular Runner has accepted the challenge!

Hey guys, PR here! As Bony Catfish said in a previous post, there is a new ALS Ice Bucket Challenge card out. Since I was nominated by Budder to do the #IceBucketChallenge, I thought that I would give it a go. I also nominate everybody who hasn’t done the challenge yet because it is all for a great cause. You can check out what the Ice Bucket Challenge is all about here.

PR does the #icebucketchallenge