Birds Flyyyy Oh-vur the Rainbow…

Yeah, that was a rubbish Dorothy impression, but a great way to bring in the good news: the ATP has a new Editor! ME!

Screen Shot 2014-07-07 at 12.20.10 AM

I’ll just copy my Gravatar profile here, because I can’t be bothered to write something new (just kidding, I have something awesome under the cut):

I’ve only had a WordPress since March or April, but I think it’s pretty cool. I’m a serious critic; nothing’s perfect, and I’m somewhat of a pessimist. I am also a huge procrastinator. I adore several things including Doctor Who, Harry Potter and Disney movies. Yes, you read right. I’m one of those weird kids who sit around watching movies that are technically meant to be for people half my age. What? They’re good movies!. My Poptropica username is BiancaHunterOfArtemis, because I made it when I was completely obsessed with the Percy Jackson series (and before I started obsessing over the Heroes of Olympus series. And no, they are not the same series).

Okay. Want something megawesome? Click below!
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