Let Me Hypnotize You…

Today a new Monster Carnival Member’s only gold card came out, The Hypno-Powder!  With the Hypno-Powder, you can hypnotize anyone you see with just a press of the spacebar.

Poptropica Members, visit the Poptropica Store now to get your Hypno-Powder! If you’re not yet a Member, find out how to get Membership today.

— GS


What’s The Scariest Part Of Poptropica?

The Lab Is Here…

Hey everybody, sorry for not posting for a super long time.  I’ve been busy with school and the my computer broke down, so, yeah.  Anyway I’m excited to announce the newest update!

We’ve got a cool new feature to announce. We were playing around with a prototype for user-created Islands and found ourselves wondering what direction to go in.

Then we thought: who would know better than Poptropica players? That’s why we’ve just made available our first-ever Poptropica Labs project, exclusively to Poptropica Members!

This is a prototype that will let you play around with some basic tools to create your own scene in Poptropica. You can explore randomly generated scenery, place objects, and morph the landscape. Who knows? Maybe you’ll find things to do that we never even thought of.

To access it, log into your Poptropica account and click on the Poptropica Labs slide on the welcome back page.

Play around. Place scenery. Look for gold. Explore different islands. See what you can come up with. When you’re done, you can save a screenshot of your scene — and since we want to see what you’re doing, too, it’ll also send the screenshot to us!

When you leave the Poptropica Labs demo, you’ll also have a chance to take a survey. We would very much appreciate your time in filling out the survey and helping us figure out the future of this project.

We’re excited to see what you come up with!

— GS

Eat A Big Donut And Even More Island Ideas

There’s a new game on Poptropica. Try it out, but beware. Getting snacks for a friend has never been so dangerous!

Hint: To find it look for the kid with a red shirt.

Go give it a try on Zomberry Island!

Have you been procrastinating?
You thought we were joking when we said the fall would get away from you. Who’s joking now?October is almost over. Then November passes in a jiffy (only 30 days!) and we all know how December goes. But for some reason, we still haven’t gotten your entry in the Create Your Dream Island contest!

Grab your official entry from from our friends at Penguin, or in your copy of the Island Creator Kit. One lucky winner will have their Island produced on Poptropica in 2014!

— GS

Space Travel: A New Poptropica Book!

The creators are going to release a new Poptropica book in stores this thursday!

If you haven’t noticed, we’re on a bit of an astronaut kick around here. That’s because Poptopics: Space Travel will be hitting stores this Thursday! This non-fiction book explores the real-life facts that inspired some of our best Islands, like Lunar Colony and Astro-Knights. Get ready to find out the answers to your burning questions about the cosmos. Questions like:

  • How old is the universe?
  • Where do black holes come from?
  • How do astronauts go to the bathroom in space?

For all this incredible info and more, check out Poptopics: Space Travel— available Thursday, October 17!

— GS

Gravity And Poptropolis Games Extras!

Games 2013


With Poptropolis Games 2013 coming out soon,  the creators have released some freebies!  You can get your Poptropolis Games 2013 desktop wallpaper and printable poster for free!  Just click on over to the Poptropolis Games info page and claim your free Island extras.  And keep your eye out for more news about the games!

The Gravity of the situation

Apparently there is a very popular movie out right now about an astronaut who gets marooned in space. Hmm… where could they have gotten that idea?

Poptropica: bringing you tomorrow’s hits today!

— GS