Episode 7

I wake with a start the next morning. I’m furious at myself for being so weak. I can’t afford to fall asleep at watch. I look around and see that White Dragon is up also.

“I saw that you fell asleep, so I took watch. I hope you don’t mind.”

I blush and duck back into my tent. I almost smack myself for making out as a fool and a weakling in front of him. I quickly change and walk out, only to see that White Dragon is gone. In his place is a note that reads ’Saw you don’t have much food. Went to find some. It’s a shame that you can’t just wish food and water on islands in idea mode. Anyway, I’lll be back in a bit. ~WD  I can’t catch a break. I meant to grab food the night before, but WD distracted me. Again. I want to move to a new location, but I have a feeling that we shouldn’t abandon WD, especially since he’s bringing us food.

A half hour later, White Dragon returns. By this time, my sisters are awake and dressed. We all look hungrily at the nuts and berries that he’s brought. He even managed to find a rabbit. I go to skin it while everyone else eats the berries. I always let my sisters take first pick. They need food more than I do. I manage to get a small fire started to cook to rabbit. When it’s done, I split the meat among us, taking the least for myself. I eat my rations, but I’m still hungry. I try to sick the bones and pick any scraps of meat to satisfy my hunger the best I can. My sisters are oblivious to these actions, but White Dragon seems to spot them. He slips me some of his left over nuts. I almost reject them. Almost. But my hunger wins out. I take them and eat them, trying to ignore the slight smile playing of WD’s lips. After this, we pack up to move locations.

I know we move a lot. Things might be easier if we stayed in one place. But then it will find us. I don’t know what it is. Some powerful force that even I can’t protect my companions against. I don’t want it to find us. I know that it’s inevitable, but I want to delay it. I want time to prepare.

On our journey, I spot something that I think will help me prepare. I will myself an ax to chop down the tree. I’ve seen many trees, but this one is just right. I can feel all six pairs of eyes on my back, but I try to ignore them. I don’t need any distractions. The wood is stiff, but it bends just enough. I will some string into my hands and I attach it to my creations. I carve a little place for arrows. Then I find sharp rocks and use wished feathers to make the arrows. The rabbit skin is only enough for one quiver for Mighty, but I can use wished ones for now. I end up with four bows, 100 arrows, and four quivers. I pass them around evenly. I break my bow in by shooting the tree I fell. I know I could have wished in bows, arrows, and quivers, but I wanted to make them. I feel like I can make them a better fit for me than the ones I can wish in. We continue on our journey.

When we finally find a place to settle, I make the girls go in and go to sleep. I try to do the same to WD, but I can’t force him, so I let him watch with me.  I can tell he was tired, but he wanted to be out here. I don’t know why. If I had the chance to sleep, I would take it, if I could. But I won’t leave the lives of my sisters in the hands of someone I just met. But I’m glad I stayed awake to watch with WD. I had fun. Until something happened.


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