Episode 4

I turn to look at the sleeping bodies of my companions. They look so peaceful. But I know that in the morning, everything is going to be far from peaceful. We have to move. There are forces that even I can’t begin to understand. I don’t know how I know. I just do. I open my pack and take out an envelope. I totally forgot about it. I long to see the writer of that familiar scrawl. I open the letter and read it.

Dear Young Flame, Red Rock, and Mighty Tornado,

           Good luck of your quest. I’m so sorry about your mom and I hope you can come back soon. I have graduated from the Medicine Man at Shark Tooth Island. I will be sending you common herbs that are used in lots of medicines and some can be used as food. I will be residing at my home and you are welcome to visit at any time. If you need anything, just send me a letter. You know that if you just wish that the mail will get to me fast, it will. I’m sorry! I’m rambling! I miss you guys! I hope you can come home soon!!!

~Fearless Shadow

Fearless Shadow is my cousin. Her parents were taken by the same virus that took Mom. We became orphans only a couple weeks apart. She has a house on Reality TV Island and she gets on the show a lot and she has a bunch of tips stored up. Like go to the hole next to the one that just exploded in the geyser game. It works a lot of the time.  She has always wanted to be a medic, so when she turned 13, she went to Shark Tooth Island to train with the Medicine Man. She was in the middle of her internship when she got the news her parents died, she was heartbroken. I felt horrible for her. My mom drew farther into her own world when she lost her brother and her sister-in-law.

I look into the distance and see something. It looks like a cloud. Except it’s not a cloud. It’s moving too fast and it keeps changing shapes. Icy wakes up.

“Oh, no. This is bad,” she says, her face pale as a ghost.


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