Episode 2

       It’s time to set up for camp. We put up the flimsy tent and set out the little belongings we had. We look for food, but we don’t find any. Unless you count tree bark as food. We eat until we can’t eat anymore. My sisters go to bed and I take first watch. I’ve taken first watch for a while. The thing is, I take last watch and all the watches in between. It’s my alone time, and I feel it’s my duty to keep my family safe. If you’re gonna live life through my eyes, you gotta know me, so I’m gonna tell you a little about myself. My name is Young Flame. Red Rock is my twin, but I’m the older one. When we were five years old, we get a baby sister, Mighty Tornado. She was a cutie and we always had lots of fun together. Then tragedy struck. My dad ran away. We were all devastated. That was only the beginning. About a month later, we received word that he had died. My mother began to retreat from the world. She would take care of us, but in a reserved way. We never had a family bonding time, and our bond kind of, well, broke. I started becoming the main care taker of the family, and Red Rock helped when she could. Mighty Tornado was young, too young to be going through this. I made Mom promise to act like her normal self when my sister was around, because no 6-year-old should have to lose both parents in such a short time. I can tell Mom tried, for Mighty’s sake, but she never was really back to normal. When I was around 13, Mom started acting a new kind of funny. No one could figure out why. The next year, she passed away. The doctor didn’t tell us much, only that she had been sick, very sick. They were having a Poptropican come down. They would shrink the poor person and they would go down and try to kill the virus in the only other live patient and try to stop it from spreading. Until then, it wasn’t safe for us. We had to leave and only return when he said so. So we did. And we ended up here. And that’s why I’m here, looking down at my sisters’ sleeping forms. My twin and my 9-year-old little sister. And that’s when it happened.



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