Episode 1

     I am walking. Yes, just walking. No special reason. Why am I writing in this diary? I don’t know. I guess I just feel it. You know, like something special is about to happen. I’m walking in the woods on an undiscovered island called Dreamscape. There definitely is mystery around it. It is in idea mode, but by the looks of it, it has been in idea mode for a while. Why? I don’t know. Ask them. Who’s them? I don’t know that either. I am walking with my twin, Red Rock, and my younger sister, Mighty Tornado. My mom, Big Hero, was just killed by a horrible sickness. We don’t know what it was, the doctor just said it wasn’t safe. We found a boat and left. We washed up here. Ever since we got here, I have been trying to act more removed from the group. I know not to rely on the world. I know not to get attached to anything. That includes family. Don’t get me wrong, I love my family. I just try not to get attached. It’s not working. I want to send them back, where it’s safe. I know it’s safer here than anywhere else. We aren’t defenseless. We can handle a bow and can yield a knife. We can scale trees better than most squirrels. But I still feel unsafe and uneasy. I don’t know. It might just be the grief talking. Who knows. I just know that we are walking. And something special is about to happen.



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