Young Flame: The Story of Young Flame

This is the story of Young Flame. Ironically, it’s called The Story of Young Flame.  It all started with an Ongoing Story. On the PHB. I got addicted with it (because writing is my favorite thing (BTW the URL is )). Then, when I started my blog, I was all like, Hey, why not start an ongoing story here? so I did. Then, I saw a writing contest. I was inspired to write this and use the start of the Ongoing Story for the start of this continuous story. Have any ideas? Tell me in the comments below!!!!!!


Young Flame

Just as an FYI, if I write in BOLD in one of the episodes, that is aside from the story. Don’t be confused into thinking that it is a part of my story. I will try to put the bold at the beginning or the end. If you see a bold * in the story, look in the bold text above or below and I will put another * to tell you what I want to say about that. 


3 thoughts on “Young Flame: The Story of Young Flame

  1. BTW, Authors can give feedback too!

  2. I love your stories, Young Flame! I would help you, but I am not good at this kind of stuff.
    (If you don’t know, I am a friend of Young Flame)

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