Gentle Spinner BIO

My name is Gentle Spinner. I am a spy agent from the future who battled Binarius, Binary Bard’s future self. I destroyed him, but almost died as well. Agents found me dying and quickly replaced most of my body for robotic parts, turning me into a cyborg. They sent me into the past to destroy Director D, who in the future, will become Director Death. Traveling through time physically harmed me, and I lost my memory. The first thing I remember in my new life was I was battling D and swinging by my bow-tie, which doubled as a grappling hook. I destroyed him and became Director Spinner. My memory still hadn’t came back. One day, I was walking along the shoreline of Back Lot, when a portal opened up in the air, and a few pictures and notes came out. Curious, I walked over to them and picked them up. The note read, “Gentle Spinner, we understand that traveling through time will erase your memory, as we have tested it on other agents. We believe that the reason you haven’t come back is because it happened to you. We don’t know if you are dead or alive, but if you are alive, find the time machine that brought you there and return. We have included some photos to help you regain your memory.” It was all so sudden that I was shocked. I took a look at the photos and saw one showing my body as it was when they were turning me into a cyborg. I also saw my friends, my life and one particular person in the photos. I started to cry as my memory came back to me. I knew what I had to do. I got into my blimp and traveled to Spy Island. I got to the old B.A.D. satellite and looked around. In one corner, I saw a crumpled box of metal. I ran over to it and knew that this was the time machine. It was heartbreaking knowing that I could never get back to my time, home and friends. For a few weeks I was in depression. Then, one day, I got a knock on the door. Thinking it was another butler checking to see if I was okay, I opened it. Instead of a butler, I saw a teen boy with shaggy dark hair and a leather jacket. I asked him who he was. He introduced himself as Little Catfish and(to my shock) he told me that he was my cousin.(By the way, he is my cousin in real life) He told me that a portal had opened up and a piece of paper had come out, telling him that he was my cousin and to come to me. We sat in my penthouse suite and I told him everthing. I also told him that I was more like his third-cousin. In the weeks that followed, I trained him and began to see him like a brother. Me and Little Catfish now fight against the villains of Poptropica and share the title of Director. Even though I was born in the future, I was meant to live in the present. The future is now the past for me.

Character BIO of Gentle Spinner


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