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Hi! I’m Young Flame, creator of this blog. This is the All Things Poptropica Staff for dummies (Young Flame meant no harm and was not calling you a dummy :mrgreen: )

Young Flame- I’m the creator of All Things Poptorpica. I created this on July 11,2013. I am Young Flame. I rock the Poptropica Help Blog Ongoing story! I have three main accounts. Young Flame (Puppylover50416), Red Rock, (Madeup198) and Mighty Tornado (BellaLucy101). Between all my accounts (including the other ones) I have completed all but three islands. Thats about all!

Nameless UNdefiNEd- She was added on July 23,2013. She was an Administrator of the blog. This is her bio —

I LOOOOOOVE playing in Poptropica… I am Does-it-really-matter years old. I haven’t been blogging for long but I am happy to have my experienced partners helping me along the way. I am CREATOR / ADMINISTRATOR of H.O.P. Heroes Of Poptropicans, http://heroesofpoptropicans.wordpress.com/ and I am the ONLY writer of The Nameless Adventures. I hope to be one of the best bloggers in the Poptropica Universe before I turn NO-it-doesn’t-matter. I like country music, my favorite country artists are Reba McEntire, Brad Paisley, Love and Theft, and Hunter Hayes. I listen to alot of Selena Gomez music, and I don’t like Dustin Beaver. I love watching Wrestler and hope to be the Diva’s Champ one day. My favorite WWE Superstars are The Miz, Santino Marella, HHH, and Alberto Del Rio. My favorite WWE Diva is Kaitlyn. I am OBSESSED with WWE!! I like playing Basketball, Football, and no, not on the wii. I like dancing to Contemporary Pop. I have PLENTY of Poptropica accounts, my username is NOT CLASSIFIED, my main accounts are, ross1dog, rawlingsgold, ladyantabellum101, exactly as spelled. Well that’s all for now… Oh and my sign off is, Nameless UNdefiNEd , so… Nameless UNdefiNEd Now on http://poptropicanawesomeness.wordpress.com and http://popgoespoptropica.wordpress.com


Gentle Spinner is currently an editor. This is his bio:

My name is Gentle Spinner. I am a spy agent from the future who battled Binarius, Binary Bard’s future self. I destroyed him, but almost died as well. Agents found me dying and quickly replaced most of my body for robotic parts, turning me into a cyborg. They sent me into the past to destroy Director D, who in the future, will become Director Death. Traveling through time physically harmed me, and I lost my memory. The first thing I remember in my new life was I was battling D and swinging by my bow-tie, which doubled as a grappling hook. I destroyed him and became Director Spinner. My memory still hadn’t came back. One day, I was walking along the shoreline of Back Lot, when a portal opened up in the air, and a few pictures and notes came out. Curious, I walked over to them and picked them up. The note read, “Gentle Spinner, we understand that traveling through time will erase your memory, as we have tested it on other agents. We believe that the reason you haven’t come back is because it happened to you. We don’t know if you are dead or alive, but if you are alive, find the time machine that brought you there and return. We have included some photos to help you regain your memory.” It was all so sudden that I was shocked. I took a look at the photos and saw one showing my body as it was when they were turning me into a cyborg. I also saw my friends, my life and one particular person in the photos. I started to cry as my memory came back to me. I knew what I had to do. I got into my blimp and traveled to Spy Island. I got to the old B.A.D. satellite and looked around. In one corner, I saw a crumpled box of metal. I ran over to it and knew that this was the time machine. It was heartbreaking knowing that I could never get back to my time, home and friends. For a few weeks I was in depression. Then, one day, I got a knock on the door. Thinking it was another butler checking to see if I was okay, I opened it. Instead of a butler, I saw a teen boy with shaggy dark hair and a leather jacket. I asked him who he was. He introduced himself as Little Catfish and(to my shock) he told me that he was my cousin.(By the way, he is my cousin in real life) He told me that a portal had opened up and a piece of paper had come out, telling him that he was my cousin and to come to me. We sat in my penthouse suite and I told him everthing. I also told him that I was more like his third-cousin. In the weeks that followed, I trained him and began to see him like a brother. Me and Little Catfish now fight against the villains of Poptropica and share the title of Director. Even though I was born in the future, I was meant to live in the present. The future is now the past for me.


Bony Catfish is an author added on June 1,2014. This is her first post:

I am Bony Catfish, a new author of All things Poptropica. This isn’t my first blogging experience, as I own a blog called Poptropica 411. If you want to know about me, here it is:

 I have an interest in urban legends and blogging. I learned that reading to much makes you have creepy visions and nightmares.

To describe my life in one word: POPTROPICA and MINECRAFT. I’m a gamer soo… People think I am weird ok? I like being weird. Also, EUROVISION!

Activities: School Band (Clarinet), softball, debating, reading

Beliefs: I believe in nobody but myself and my family.

Books: Anything that interests me is alright. I don’t have a specific favorite though, although I like The Fault in our Stars

Music: Pretty much Anything pop or electronic/dance. I love Eurovision.
Quotes: “Being abnormal and happy is better than being normal and sad” and “You can be anything you want. As long as you choose your wise light” ~ both by me

Sports Teams: NOT a sports fan


Introducing Cuddly Lion, added on June 8, 2014. His first post is listed below.

I’ve been playing Poptropica since it came out, it’s a cool story…I was at computer club (don’t call me a nerd I was a little kid 😛 ) and my teacher suggested this game, and I started playing it, and it was kinda fun, but I forgot the name and months later decided to email my computer club teacher and asked her the website. So I made this account, and I really liked it, and later I got membership. 😀 I’ve completed all the islands, answered all my questions on friends, and I’m a pretty good glitch item guy (I’m not the best, I know quite a few people who are better with glitches than I am, but idrc…)

I write a popular fan fiction called the Tales of Two Icicles (TOTI for short) which ended it’s first season a couple weeks ago and has a new season coming soon, probably the weekend of June 21st…that’s my first weekend of summer 😀 And my parents are divorced, so they alternate weekends and fortunately thanks to some trading of weekends my mom has me first weekend of summer (I’m not exactly my dad’s biggest fan, long story…) Idk if Young Flame wants me to post the fanfic here but if she gives me the thumbs-up I’ll put the first season in a post…

I really love to think I’m doing something for a good cause, this is a story that I shared on my blog, Top Pop, here it is…

A guy was sleeping. He hadn’t heard about this fundraiser. His mom set up a fake wedding in the backyard, with beautiful flowers to raise money for the town, because the town needed money to preserve an ancient house that meant so much to it.

The guy hated it.

He complained as they set it all up. “This is boring, it’s stupid, why do I have to do this.” He finally decided he would run the ticket booth up front so that he could at least sit down during the six hour thing.

He was all alone, with his thoughts. Whenever someone came, he would check off #4 on their tickets or give them a ticket. He slowly began to enjoy his job.

His mom came up to him and told him he hadn’t eaten except for two muffins that morning. The guy laughed and told her he was fine. She seemed surprised, but left.

The guy checked his phone and sadly saw the time slipping away fast. He had to try and savor it, because now he really loved it.

Finally, four o’ clock came. The guy, without being asked, cleaned up half of the entire arrangement, even the ridiculously heavy umbrella stands. It was like he had no limits.

His mom came out and asked him how it was. He looked up at her and told her he had had a great time.

She was shocked.

Many people from the committee came over and repeatedly thanked the guy.

They had raised 3,000 dollars in that six hours.

Apparently people had praised him when they came to the backyard.

They offered to buy him a huge new lego set-any kind he wanted. He loved legos and found it tempting.

But he looked at them and said, “No. Don’t waste your money. I just raised a bunch of money for a good cause and I don’t want some kind of item reward for it.”

They literally just stood there in shock, mouths gaping.

The guy calmly cleaned up the rest of the yard and went upstairs and took a shower because he was filthy after all that time outside.

That guy was me.

Nice story right? I hope it’ll inspire some of you…

I love doing poptropica blogging, and watching PewDiePie *brofist* Come on stephano gimme a brofist. *stephano brofist*

You’re still reading? Impressive.

So, please accept me as a new author here, and I’ll try to help ATP be the best it can be!

~CL, going for a supa spy mission with stephano and pewds


Welcome to the blog, Magic Fire (sorry, can’t do the crazy symbols and such) with her first post:

I’m Magic Fire, the new author on here, All Things Poptropica! 😀 You can call meh MF or Magic, or whatever though. :3

I have my own blog, The Poptropica Package. (Click dat please XD ) I also work on Top Pop and Poptropican Awesomeness. I have been playing Poptropica for about, I think 2 years. I have completed all the islands and my favorite one is Mocktropica. 🙂 I am a proud Nanobot (tiny pink robots 😛 ) and will always be! ;D I  EDM music and cheesecake also. XD I am 10 years old and I spend all my time on the internet until my dad storms into my room and yells at me to get off. 😛 I also enjoy to read and draw. My favorite subjects at school are math (because I’m good at it xD), orchestra and lunch. (My class always gets in trouble) I hate science because I can’t memorize anything and I just end up doodling 20 pages worth of paper. 😛 Oh, yes I’m also a muffin in disguise. But don’t tell anyone. :O And, yeah I can get pretty random at times. XD

I’m glad to be working on this blog and I’ll be sure to post whenever I get the chance to and that everyone here accepts me as an author! 😀

~Miss Muffin (my secret identity 😮 )


That’s all for now. If you want to apply to be an author, just go to the Wanna Be an Author? page and fill out the form!

Young Flame


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  1. I was looking for an off topic place, but I couldn’t find one… Sorry if this is considered spam…
    PLEASE SIGN MY EARLY ACCESS PASS PETITION!??? Please? There are so many of us that can’t always afford Membership, but we can save credits like nothing! Please, please sign up, so I can send this petition to Poptropica. If it gets enough signatures, it might actually get somewhere important… Here’s the link to sign up: http://wp.me/P3IRek-ky .

    This is Nameless UnDEFiNed’s Petition. If you copy it just because I brought it up, you will get in trouble, because this is protected by Copyscape

    ~~Nameless UnDEFiNed

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