All Things Poptropica  Rulebook

I know this may sound lame, but all blogs need rules, or they will go out of control. Please read all of these rules before posting.

  1. No bullying. This includes, but is not limited to, ride or mean language, and inappropriate language.
  2. No advertising other sites unless a special post is assigned to do so.
  3. No posting personal information. This includes, but is not limited to, real names, addresses, and phone numbers.
  4. No asking for personal information. Find another place to try to make real life friends.
  5. No going off topic. There will be a page for off-topic chat, but stay on topic of the Poptropica or my blog.
  6. No spamming. That means no using just emoticons ( 😳 :mrgreen: 🙂 ), no gibberish (ihwgnWIAWFnwifne), and try not to post more then 3 comments in a row.

There will be consequences for violators of these rules.

  1. First, violators will be warned.
  2. Second, violators will be temporarily banned. This means all comments made by them will be deleted and future comments will be deleted for a set period of time.
  3. Third, violators will permanently banned. All comments will be deleted from then on. The violator may send comments to be considered to be given another chance.

How will you be considered to be un-banned?

  • Post a comment on this page saying what you did wrong, apologize to me, and promise to apologize to all those you harmed.
  • Post a comment on this page apologizing to all those you have harmed.

If these comments appear, you will know you have been un-banned.

The Do’s and Don’ts of a safe experience on All Things Poptropica.

  • Do report violations of any these rules.
  • Don’t try to deny that you violated these rules. I can see them on the page you posted them on.
  • Do apologize to those you have harmed. If you have done this before you have been caught, you will not be punished.
  • Don’t break the rules in the first place. It will save a lot of time and trouble on both sides. 🙂

How to report someone.

  • If someone breaks any of these rules, first tell me on this page.
  • Write the violator’s name and where the rule was broken.
  • It is always helpful if you give a snippet of the comment so I know what to be looking for.

I hope that none of this will ever happen and that everyone will be safe and smart on  All Things Poptropica. I’m sorry for rambling. I just need to get my point through.

Thanks, and have fun and be safe!

Young Flame


2 thoughts on “ All Things Poptropica  Rulebook

  1. Just a question, but for this rule: If someone breaks any of these rules, first tell me on this page. wouldn’t you know already because you’re the owner? You could just look at the comments page for the Dashboard, right? I’m just questioning this.

    • I could, but sometimes I’m not online and other people comment after them and fill up the comment monitor. If that case, it’s easier for others to tell me so I don’t have to reread every comment on every post and page.

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