PR Inactive Again

Hola to all the amazing Poptropicans throughout the Poptropica universe. PR here with some very VERY VERY sad news. Okay I was probably exaggerating a little, it isn’t that sad. Anyway, you might’ve noticed or you might not have noticed that I have been inactive this week. And I was hoping that since it was the school holidays, I could relax, blog and talk to you guys but sadly we don’t always get what we want. As the title reads, Pr will be inactive again. Sorry guys but I’m going to be going on a holiday with my family and it might even be the last time we go on a holiday with the whole family for a while because my oldest sister finishes school this year so she is going to university some place else far, far away. (Not referring to Shrek xD) So we won’t be able to see her that often. Wow lol sorry getting off-topic now. Okay so I should be able to reply to comments once in a while, it just depends on how much free time I get because we will be doing a lot. I won’t be able to post sadly but yeah if you want to contact me, you can just comment on one of my posts or you can email me at which hopefully I can check often. I will come back on as soon as I can. 😉 Bye guys, see you soon hopefully. 🙂



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