All thigs Icy

Okay, so when I was going on Poptropica (to complete some islands, you know, replay them), and I got this:


Yep, so I guess Poptropica just made the ALS Ice Bucket challenge more POP-ular than it is (get it, heh heh). So poptropica is really helping the als, 🙂 huh. I wanted to do it anyway (in Poptropica life; already did it in real life). So, I keep up with the summer flame, I went to Wimpy Boardwalk, to the beach, and voila, there you have it:



(Wow, my  Poptropican really didn’t feel cold at all huh o_O ). Oh, and get this: Some of the evilest (and most ironic) Poptropica villains even did it too (see below for pics).











Oh, and even Oliver and Jorge have catched it on too 😉

(You silly gooses!) Oh, and one more thing: remember, the card is For a Limited Time Only (it says it on the top :p ) so use it while you can. 

Anyway, cool ya later!

– BC


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