G’day mate!

Hello everybody! Popular Runner here just letting you know that I am a new author here on this awesome blog! You can just call me PR or even my WordPress username Krazyaussie that I use to go by. And you probably would’ve guessed, I am Australian! That means I may spell some words differently, so just be aware that if I spell something different to how you spell it, it doesn’t mean I can’t spell 😀 I absolutely love Poptropica! My older sister use to play it and then my other older sister use to play it and now I play it. Oh yeah my younger sister did play it but she kept forgetting her password so every time she had to make a new user and I always had to complete islands for her so she doesn’t play anymore. I have been playing Pop for around 6 years now I think. I think the account I have now is the first one I made. I would tell you guys my username but I made the stupid mistake of making it my full name *facepalm* I was only like 8 or something. Anyway I am just a crazy, 13 year old girl who loves Poptropica and who wants to share her love for Poptropica on this blog!



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