Hello Poptropicans

Like the title says, hello fellow Poptropicans! I am Brave Dolphin. Thanks to Young Flame, who let me join her blog and I hope you will accept me as an author here and I hope I can make this blog as much better as I can (I am very hopeful 😛 ). I love dolphins (maybe you can tell from my name 😉 ), I love reading a lot. I like to eat lollipops with gum inside (YUMMY!) and pretty much any type of lollipop ;P .  I love Poptropica and have been playing it for about 5-6 years now. I hope you will like me as an author here and… What else should I include? Anyways 😉, if you want to add me, here is my username: salma26557

She's pretty isn't she? ;)

She’s pretty isn’t she? 😉

-Bɾɑʋɛ Dօʟpɦɨn

P.S. Hope to further meet all ya viewers later! 🙂


3 thoughts on “Hello Poptropicans

  1. Hey! Awesome Poptropican by the way 😀

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