All Things Poptropica Writing Contest

Hey, fellow ATP Poptropican readers! I know this is kinda just out of the blue, but I’m going to have a Poptropica Writer’s Contest! Since this blog has grown bigger, I thought… why have a contest, a writing contest, to see the odds in your favor. Here are some things you will need to note so you can start on your story, or make sure one you already have is ready for it:

  • Due date: The due date will be July 25 @ 11:59 EST (10:59 CST and 9:59 PST), but you may post 1-2 days after the due date. Please note that this could affect your score
  • What you can enter: I won’t accept Ongoing Stories, which is where the Viewers continue it for you. Short Stories and Single-Episode Stories, and Multi-Episode Stories are allowed, as long as they’re written by the original Authors. If you plan on entering a  multi-episode story, you may only enter 5 episodes or less.
  • Amount of entries: You may enter up to TWO (2) stories, though this is an optional choice. However, if you plan on doing this, only ONE story will be the one that counts and will be in the scoring stage, so PLEASE tell me.
  • How entries are scored: The entries will be judged on six different categories on a scale of 1-10. 10 being the highest. Getting a 10 will be very hard, so good luck 😉 I will be choosing whomever had the highest score of those six categories, as the overall 1st place in this contest.

So, that’s some ideas on what you can enter, plus some information. Here are some rules:

  1. I, Bony Catfish, am the only judge for this contest. No one else.
  2. Keep it clean.And not straight violence. Poptropica violence like Zeus’ lightning bolts, and getting pushed out of a helicopter, that’s okay, because Poptropica has that kinda stuff.
  3. Please, no bad language (exceptions include crap, stupid, that’s fine, but limit your story to 5 or less).
  4. Be original, no copying a show’s plot, or a book’s theme (you can make it based of though this affects your score). And I know Monster Carnival is a popular island, but please make your story about more than an Island.
  5. If there are more than two authors, the prize distributions will be given to both of them.
  6. If you want to enter, please let me know in the comments in advance, so I can know many entries I will need to judge. I will need at least 7 or more to continue the contest so spread the word to other pop bloggers you know.
  7. Write a Paragraph / Summary of your short story (NOT the whole thing. I will explain this in the after-the-next paragraph)
  8. Write something that is legible and easy to read .
  9. PLEASE DO NOT ENTER YOUR EMAIL IN THE COMMENTS IF YOU’RE ENTERING- We can see your email when you comment.

Anyone can join (even the PWSP authors 😀 , but they won’t get a better score than the rest), as long as they hereby follow the rules. Here are the categories that I will judge you on and what I will be looking for:

  • Originality- This is one of the major milestone categories that will REALLY affect your score.   If yours is similar to someone else’s, this will affect your score.
  • Content- This doesn’t only mean how much, it also means what’s in there. Is the content appropriate and G-Rated? Is the content (how much) more reasonable? If you have one or none, this will affect your score.
  • Structure- This is basically a combination of format and organization. Do you have transition words? Are your paragraphs in logical order? If it’s unorganized and hard to understand the story, this will affect your score.
  • Style- Does your story sound typical or does it have a twist? Use more sophisticated words. Also, please know what POV
  • Spelling/Grammar- Is it easy to read? If you have the wurst (Gosh, I’ve been watching too much Eurovision) S/G, that will affect your score A LOT.  I won’t disqualify you if you have the wurst (Gosh, I’ve been watching too much Eurovision) S/G, but it will affect your score A LOT. If you don’t know the proper spelling, look it up.
  • Abidance- Did you follow the rules? This won’t be judged from 1-10, but will make my decisions easier.

Five finalists will be chosen by me on the 30th. Those five finalists will be emailed 48 hours (two days) before I officially announce them. The five finalists will post  their FULL STORY. Then, after I read the FULL stories, the three who have the highest score will advance as the three winners, placed as 1st2ndor 3rd, which I will choose on the 5th of August. The contest will be over after I chose the three winners, and I will email them 1-2 days before I announce them on this blog, The Poptropica Package, and All Things Poptropica. (this is blogwide with the Poptropica Package and All Things Poptropica, plus my blog. This is not a contest that will only be on the PWSP, so prizes might be different). Those three winners will get a different prize. Here are the prizes:

1st Place- Full Entry will be on the Popping News issue (I do not know which one), get a free account (NOT with membership), and will have a position as Authorship (if they DON’T have a WP account) or Editorship (if they DO have a WP account).

2nd Place- Full Entry will be on the Popping News issue and get a free account.

3rd Place- Full Entry will be on the Popping News issue.


Again, if you want to enter, please comment below and say “I want to enter and I will hereby follow the rules”. You don’t have to email your story NOW, you still have LOTS of time. You could email it a week or two after you comment. If you have any questions before the page is finished, or any questions after, please email us or just comment 🙂 You do not need an email to comment, nor enter. If you would like to enter, and you do have an email, please email your story to . If you do not have an email, but would still like to enter, then please comment your story somewhere where NO ONE CAN SEE IT. I would like the entries to be confidential, where only I am the only one seeing them. 🙂 

– BC

P.S: I need at least 7 entries to be able to have an official contest. You can enter more than once, but you can’t enter more than 3 times (only one will be scored). If all goes well, I might host a second one. 

P.P.S: Good luck and Happy Writing Awesome People 


5 thoughts on “All Things Poptropica Writing Contest

  1. I’ll be entering, twice, I think. Once with The Star Life, and once with The Founding of Poptropica.

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