All Thing Island Racing

Hey, hey, hey.

Young Flame here! I wanna tell you that I am active, just lazy. I need to fix that :mrgreen:. Anyway, I read the SUMMMMMMMMERRR post, and I realized that I don’t have an island race here.

Below, you may comment and specify an island and/or a staff member you would like to race. If you don’t want to race a staff member, don’t care, or don’t know/care what island is played, just say you want to race, and someone will get back to you.

I will eventually make a page about this, but I’m too lazy and don’t feel like doing it, so I will just do this!

Also, you can get to me directly with THIS contact form:


~~Young Flame~~Quenching~~


One thought on “All Thing Island Racing

  1. Hello Young Flame!

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