In SUMMMMERRRRRR…….*bad Olaf impression*

don’t judge me.
Hey guys, it’s CL, FINALLY schools out!!! WOOHOOO!!!!! 😀 😀 😀 😀 Here are some things you can do this summer, with Poptropica and Pop Blogging!

1. Play Wimpy Boardwalk Island! Get in the summer spirit!

2. Check out some new blogs, you might like them! Maybe you’ll even get a job there…

3. Meet some new blogging friends. I have some really good friends on Pop Blogging, you could too. 🙂

4. If you aren’t already, try and become a member, in which case you get all the perks of poptropica!

5. Send poptropica a letter-I sent them one, and when they replied they told me to drop by to try and get a job after college! You never know.

c/o Family Education Network
501 Boylston St, Suite 900
Boston, MA 02116

That is the most direct way to contact them with a letter. 🙂

6. Have island races with other poptropicans in the blogging world!

That’s all I got. Anything else? Tell me in the comments!

~CL, being doge’s new sidekick


9 thoughts on “In SUMMMMERRRRRR…….*bad Olaf impression*

  1. *Face-palm*
    I get like 4 emails saying the same thing just from different blogs…..

  2. what are island races?

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