Disney XD: Animacation Ad

Hey guys! While just walking around Poptropica, I encountered a new Disney XD ad!


Anyways, when you enter you’ll be sent through this weird portal thing. o_O


So, it’s a common room but there are three other games you can play, and if you win them all you get a prize. Let’s start off with the Funhouse, to your right.


Sooo, it’s like an obstacle course I guess. After you finish it, you’ll get a Steve the Llama Follower.

That’s actually it. I’m not kidding.

That’s uh, interesting. Let’s take it off before I get the feeling someone’s stalking me. *whips head around* Hmm…  Ok, let’s go the next game, Mabel’s Water Race on the left.

Why is this here.

Why is this here.

Anyways, in this game you have to shoot the target and keep it on the bullseye. You can choose a character and just move your mouse over the bullseye.

When you beat it, you get the Animacation Power which makes everyone around you turn that weird shade of blue. I think. XD

Now there’s only one more game left, the 7D Mines which is up on the second floor.


So, just jump on the platforms, avoid the lava and find the 7D. Once, you’re finished, you’ll get the Dwarf Costume. (There’s 3 different ones)

And, the grand prize is…

 The Steve the Llama Bling Necklace! XD And it does this to your screen:


It also switches with gold and pink before it goes back to normal. Sooo, yeah. :3 That ish it! ;D

~Miss Muffin


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