Bony Catfish’s FIRST post in All things Poptropica

Hey awesome people (and viewers) of this blog and the person who made it all (*looks at Young Flame*)! I am Bony Catfish, a new author of All things Poptropica. This isn’t my first blogging experience, as I own a blog called Poptropica 411. If you want to know about me, here it is:

 I have an interest in urban legends and blogging. I learned that reading to much makes you have creepy visions and nightmares.

To describe my life in one word: POPTROPICA and MINECRAFT. I’m a gamer soo… People think I am weird ok? I like being weird. Also, EUROVISION!

Activities: School Band (Clarinet), softball, debating, reading

Beliefs: I believe in nobody but myself and my family.

Books: Anything that interests me is alright. I don’t have a specific favorite though, although I like The Fault in our Stars

Music: Pretty much Anything pop or electronic/dance. I love Eurovision.
Quotes: “Being abnormal and happy is better than being normal and sad” and “You can be anything you want. As long as you choose your wise light” ~ both by me

Sports Teams: NOT a sports fan

*audience boos* Well, sorry if I don’t sound intresting, but that’s me. This, however is my poptropican:


Yeah, I look nice, do I? Well, thank you. Okay, that’s enough. So, this is my first time being an author on another site, and there will be some new things from me (ex. stories, to name a few, etc). I hope to make this blog the best there is. Thank you, Young Flame, for making this happen, or else I wouldn’t be here.


Bony Catfish, OUT! *signs off*


4 thoughts on “Bony Catfish’s FIRST post in All things Poptropica

  1. Welcome, Bony Catfish to my team. I think GS has lost interest I’m my absence (I don’t blame him) so you and I will do our best. If you post regularly for a bit, I will promote you. Just ask before making changes! 🙂
    We sound so much alike!
    Also, MINECRAFT! Yes. I’m not the only one!. I might start a Minecraft blog, if you’re interested. Sorry for the long comment, and you’ll find that I’m weird if you stick around me.
    Thanks, and welcome again!
    Young Flame~Quenching (finally. Audience cheers. LOL)

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