Hello to what little viewers I have left. Sorry for the gap. I got REALLY busy. No promises that I will keep up the posts, but I’m here now. Long post time, trying to catch up on everything.

Item one on my list. If you want to join and help me keep this blog or any of my other blogs up, please leave a comment in the appropriate page. I would appreciate any help, and I will most likely accept you!

Two: It’s been forever since it’s come out, but Monster Carnival Island. I thing it’s really fun. I haven’t completed it yet, but I’ve watched videos and I think the creators did a great job. One glitch, I don’t know if they’ve fixed it yet. Don’t pick up the black light until instructed. Other than that, great work. I love it!

Three: The episodic islands. I think they’re a great touch. Again, didn’t finish then but watched vids on them. Think they’re AWESOME! I believe this means that they will be releasing new islands more often, even if they’re shorter. I hope that the quality will be up to the usual standards.

Four: I’m in kinda a writer’s block for my Young Flame’s Adventures. If any of you actually care anymore, please leave a suggestion!



Young Flame~Quenching!!


3 thoughts on “Heyoooo!

  1. Hi Young Flame…
    So, this is just kinda to introduce myself, um, I’m Cuddly Lion and I don’t think I’ve really met you…people call me CL, so…hai! Lol. And I write a fan fic too!!! 😀 I heard you used to work on PAw…I work there now 🙂 so bai.

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