Hey, everyone! Sorry for the long wait (for those very few who actually look at this blog and the fewer who read my stories). I had a serious case of Writers Block and I couldn’t come up with anything. Anyway, here is Episode 7:

We had a good time together. My sisters and White Dragon seemed to get along well. I’m normally a very shy girl. When I meet strangers I’m a quiet girl. I don’t speak much and I look at the floor. I always get teased when I march from the shadows and my confidence has crumbled. That’s why I’m the girl no one notices. I’m the girl that you look at, and you forget about in two seconds. That all changed when I met WD. We always got along. I poked my head out from the shadows and he welcomed my return. He acted like he had known me really well, I had left, and I had finally come back after 8 years. I never had the confidence to approach a boy, let alone talk to one, but when WD came, that all changed. We easily bantered. He always took night watches with me, and we shared some special moments. Now, before I make this a love story, I have something I want to talk about. Something that changed everything. I regret it now, but I also don’t. It started one day. Red Rock and Mighty Tornado were asleep. WD and I were taking the watch shift. We were laughing and talking. Then it happened. Somehting that changed everything.

Sorry for the length. Tell me what you think!

Young Flame


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