Announcing Poptropica Shirts In Any Size!

The Poptropica Shop is your one-stop destination for all things Poptropica, including customized shirts with your avatar on them. But even though mostly kids play Poptropica, there are also some young-at-heart Poptropicans who wished that we offered these shirts in adult sizes.

Good news: we now offer shirts in adult sizes!

That’s right, more people than ever can now enjoy a Poptropica shirt customized with their very own avatar. Visit the Poptropica Shop todayto find the right fit for you!

avatar image

Phew, now I can buy one in my size!  It’s amazing how Poptropica grows.  Now all we need is plushes of our poptropicans.


5 thoughts on “Announcing Poptropica Shirts In Any Size!

  1. IKR! I was SO looking forward to getting my own Poptropica tshirt, and now I can!!! YES! THANK YOU POPTROPICA!

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