New blogs=Miss Popular

Sorry about the braggy title, I’m excited. I now belong to 8 different blogs and follow 1 private one. I have two new blogs that are the most important.

Poptropica News Network 


As Poptropica Turns.

Poptropica News Network (PNN) is the site where you get all of you Poptropica needs. Right now, it’s only airing stories, but soon we will have newscasts and live updates (hopefully daily). If you are interested in entering a story, just give me a link and author here in the comments or email me at Check it out and tell us what you think!!

As Poptropica Turns is an upcoming story series written by Nameless, and produced by Young Flame.  Nameless has already finished two episodes of APT, but they aren’t all available to the public. There is a prologue / preview, which be available maybe tomorrow…  The prologue will be posted super soon though (credit to Nameless (I was too lazy to type it out myself :mrgreen: ) who wrote this on the site. Check out the site for audition details and more!


Young Flame




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