Einstein 2. AKA Wild Scientist. Really? You don’t get it? Fine. A new costume at Virus Hunter.

Sorry about the long (and possibly rude) title. I was bored and I felt like it. Anyway, on to the update. It’s so new, even the Poptropica homescreen hasn’t been updated!! Here it is:

There’s a new outfit available on Main Street of Virus Hunter Island: the Scifi Doctor! This mad scientist getup is the perfect fit for ethically dubious scientific experimentation — like, say, piloting a nano-sized ship into a person’s body without their knowledge or consent.

Like the Hazmat Suit, the Scifi Doctor outfit is absolutely FREE for anybody who visits Virus Hunter Island. Just click on the vending machine on Main Street to claim your costume. But you’d better act fast, because it will only be available for the next week.

Visit Poptropica now to play Virus Hunter Island and get your Scifi Doctor outfit!

avatar image

Better stop reading and get it. BUT WAIT! COME BACK AFTER!!! Ok. For those of you who heard me and came back, I have another important announcment. Nameless and I are writing a new series together. We are having a casting call. You fancy, acting, Poptropicans, now have your chance to make something of yourselves. Just give us a username (or avatar picture) and a Poptropica description. You can post it in the comment below or you can email me at youngflame12345@gmail.com. Look below for more details.


Young Flame


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