Island Extras

It’s a long weekend, and that means you’ve got more time to play and enjoy Virus Hunter Island. Don’t miss out on a couple of cool extras.

The all-new Hazmat Suit is upgraded to defend against new contaminants, and it’s available FREE to anyone who visits Virus Hunter Island during Early Access — Member and non-Member alike! Just visit Poptropica and hit up the vending machine on Virus Hunter Main Street to claim your free Hazmat Suit.

Don’t forget to keep up with the Virus Hunter World Champions live map, either! We’re tracking everyone who finishes Virus Hunter Island around the world. You can see who’s finished in each country, and look up your own rank. You can also see every country where somebody has started playing Virus Hunter Island.

Looks like those viruses are taking over! Just as we planned it.

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Well. It looks like us nonmembers do get to have some fun before the island is released to us. I just hope we get to play SOON. Anyways, if YOU are looking at this post and want to be an author on this blog, just comment your username below. I will check it on the map. First place gets editorial ship. Second gets author ship and third gets an honorable mention in my next post (after the contest). Deadline is until we have out top 1,000. A WordPress account is NOT required to enter, but IS required to work on this blog.


Young Flame


One thought on “Island Extras

  1. Nameless, is it OK if I put the contest on your blogs also?

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