My Writing Contest. (Oh, and Nameless’ also!!)

Hey, everyone! I’m Young Flame, here, with VERY exciting news! We STILL have writing contests going on!

Here are the requirements/link for MY contest. The deadline is the same on both contests. October 5th, 2013.

  1. It can be one story (try to keep it under 2,000 characters) or an episode story of no more than 5 episodes. No continuous stories please!
  2. This is a G-rated site. Please no gory violence. Battling is OK, as long as it isn’t gory.
  3. No copying! Be original! I will disqualify any and all stories that are the same or too similar.
  4. If you are entering an episode story, only give the first episode, please. If you are entering a long story, please only give me enough that I can get a good idea of what it is. A long story would be 500 characters or more.
  5. Grammer helps! I won’t disqualify you if you have bad grammar/spelling, but I will put stories with good grammar/spelling before one without. If you don’t know the proper spelling, look it up.

The prize: I will choose three finalists. Then I will place. Third place will get an honorable mention in my next post. Second place will get a post with their story in it, (or multiple posts if they enter an episode story) and authorship. First place will get a page on the menu and editorship. Thanks, and good luck to those who are entering!

Here are the requirements/link for Nameless’ contest. The deadline is the same on both contests. October 5th, 2013.

  • Write a Paragraph / Summary of your short story.
  • Please try to keep it about Poptropica. On-Topica as much as possible.
  • Please don’t rush. Don’t rush your creativity, the contest lasts until October 5th.
  • Don’t rush us. This contest is timed.
  • Be original, no copying a shows plot, or a books theme. And I know Monster Carnival is a popular island, but please make your story about more than an Island.
  • Please don’t give us any personal information. We can see your email when you comment, which we will e-mail you, and comment you, if your entry is one of the top 5 finalists.
  • Keep it clean. This site is rated G. No bad language whatsoever. And not straight violence. Poptropica violence like Zeus’ lightning bolts, and getting pushed out of a helicopter, that’s ok, because Poptropica has that kinda stuff.
  • No bad talking someone else just because you are mad at them.
  • Grammar is VERY IMPORTANT. Check your spelling before you hit Post Comment. also, COPY your story before you hit post comment.
  • Details on what winners get below:

The contest will end October 5th. 5 finalists will be selected by the tenth.  The 5 finalists will each turn in a full story. (The one they gave the paragraph / summary for). Then we will post each of the stories, and a poll. You get one vote: For the best story. Please don’t just make this a Popularity contest?? The 3 stories with the highest scores will win the top 3 finalists. Then the 3 finalists will each be voted for, again, and the stories of second and third most votes will have their stories featured on a stories page in the menu!! And not just temporarily :D XD Then the FIRST PLACE WINNER will: Be offered an Authoring position (Editoring if WordPresser) here on HOP!!!  The Final 3 will be announced on Halloween.

Now remember, if you enter either of these contests on this page, the entry will not be seen, therefore, will not be counted. The links for both contests are in the word link, so, if you are interested in either or both contest(s), click on the link and enter! Hurry! The deadline’s a-coming!


3 thoughts on “My Writing Contest. (Oh, and Nameless’ also!!)

  1. My Name Is Spinner
    My name is Gentle Spinner. I don’t know who I am. I first gained consciousness battling a man named Director D. I don’t know how I defeated him. My instincts kicked in and next thing I knew, I was swinging by my bow tie that doubled as a grappling hook. I defeated D easily and even when I became Director Spinner, everything was in a haze. I was wearing a light coat and a blue shirt with a steering wheel on it. I knew that somehow I had lost my memory. I pretended to know who I was, but really I felt lost inside. One day, I was in my blimp, not really flying to anywhere in particular, when storm clouds gathered around me. Before I knew it, I was fighting for my life, trying to steer the blimp out of the storm. It was hopeless. Thunder boomed and rain was soaking me through. I saw lightning flash right above me. It cut right through the blimp’s yellow material and hit the wooden base, barely two feet away from me. Before I could fully register what I had seen, the blimp plummeted. I barely had time to scream before we hit ground. When I woke up, I was on my back, looking up at the paling sky. I was on the yellow cloth and the wooden base was a few feet away. I was on the edge of a beach and I could hear the waves softly crashing on the sand. I stood up and looked around. Something about this place seemed oddly familiar. I started getting a massive headache, like my brain was trying to access information that wasn’t there. I staggered to the water’s edge and splashed water in my face. I felt better and walked off towards the mainland. The sun started to rise behind me. I walked into a forest and walked and walked. I soon got real thirsty. I heard water trickling and saw a river. I knelt and drank deeply. I got up and soon heard a noise. It sounded like a baby howling. Then I saw a nest full of eggs. The sound was coming out of one of the eggs! I broke open the shell and jumped back, as a dragon had flown out! It was very small and was squeaking and blowing fire. It studied me intently and started coming towards me. I ran away but after a while figured out that it just wanted to follow me. I kept on walking to nowhere. After three long days of travel, my clothes were ragged and the only weapon I had left was my favorite, my shrink-ray gun. One day, I saw a reddish glow in the sky. It was coming out of a giant crater. My dragon and I ran to the edge and looked down. There was a giant techno city below us. I saw a piece of paper at the edge of the crater. I picked it up and I read, “Gentle Spinner, this is your cousin, Little Catfish! I’ve been captured by Binarius! He’s in the city below”. My headache came back and I knew that I knew who Little Catfish was. All of a sudden, a flying machine appeared from the city. A robot voice said, “Gentle Spinner, we knew you would take the bait. You, the one who defeated Director D and long before… Me.” I said, “You? Binarius?” The robot voice laughed and then said, “Yes. But you knew me as someone different.” The machine threw something out and I caught it. It was a drawing of a man with a face of half flesh, half robot and he was wearing a jester’s hat. My mind gave me the first bit of information from my past. I was from the future. The robot voice said, “I am Binary Bard, from the past.” I knew what to do. I ran to the edge and jumped off. My shrink-ray gun turned into a hover board and grappling hooks came out of my hands. I thought to myself, “I’ll find you, Little Catfish,” as I plunged to my next adventure.
    So yeah!

    I hope you liked it, and I’m really sorry that it’s so long. First Comment!

  2. The army are four planet away from capturing the Alcole, Ryan is with him. They are more determined to kill the Alcole after losing haft the army. As they get to the same planet there is tension within a day most of the army is destroyed. The next day, 10 army stand off against Alcole none of the army survived and now its Ryan and Alcole. Ryan runs away because he knows he’s going to be eaten but Ryan trips over a log. The Alcole eats Ryan and Alcole dies of poison in Ryan’s pocket.
    So, the start of the chase begin to kill and extinct all Alcole, at the start it was practically unknown, it was only know is an animal of mass destruction. Every day 1000’s of people got killed because of the dangerous animal, it was one of the most feared animals of all time. The ‘space’ army and Ryan (a known hunter) were trying to the Alcole kind and put an end to it once and for all.
    While the attempt was going on, haft the army was either poison, eaten or killed by being stabbed with his claws. As the army members were getting fewer and fewer by the day the army have given up hope to catch the Alcole and trying to stay alive but just keep on getting killed. It proves that it is harder to kill and is truly known for its name. Meanwhile Ryan had encountered with two Alcole and was almost attacked and can have been killed. He descripted it as an alien face with a crocodile like body and a turtle shell.
    Many deaths, planets and years later the Alcole is injured almost to the point of death. They killed animal that look similar to the Alcole just in case the population doesn’t rise to a ridicules number and the extinction would get harder. Astronaut have been called to help. The army have seen unique things in space on planets, aliens and difference life.
    The army are four planet away from capturing the Alcole. Ryan is with him. They are more determined to kill the Alcole after losing haft the army. As they get to the same planet there is tension within a day most of the army is dead. The next day 10 army stand off against Alcole none of the army survived and now its Ryan and Alcole. Ryan runs away because he knows he’s going to be eaten but Ryan trips over a log. The Alcole eats Ryan and Alcole dies of poison in Ryan’s pocket.
    That is the first time in history that an Alcole has been killed but there are many more out there.

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