Download Pandemic Panic?? I WANT THE ISLAND!

Monday, August 19, 2013

Download your copy of Virus Hunter: Pandemic Panic!

You read it in serialized form, but maybe you’d prefer to download the complete edition. You’re in luck. The Virus Hunter Island prequel story, “Pandemic Panic,” is now available as a free printable PDF!

Download “Pandemic Panic” now!

And keep an eye out for more announcements about Virus Hunter Island.

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Gee whiz!!! The Creator’s are WORSE than procrastinators!!!!!! GRRRRR GIMME THE ISLAND NOW!!!

38 thoughts on “Download Pandemic Panic?? I WANT THE ISLAND!

  1. I agree. They couldn’t procrastinate longer if I hacked into their computers and made sure they wouldn’t realise the island for another TEN BILLION YEARS! (I would never do that and 10,000,000,000 is my common exaggeration number followed by 10,000,000)

  2. Yeah, I know. Just for Sat. I’ll cover the last three and any important posts before Sat.

  3. For the summery of the comic, should I make it sound like a comic or like it happened in real life, since in Poptropica, it did, and we are broadcasting to Poptropicans?

    • Like its real life and mews corp is giving us VERY little details on the matter of a possible epidemic… All matter if factly.

      • I think I know what you mean. Like I don’t know there will be an outbreak of the virus since it didn’t happen?

        • I think we need to play it so it sounds like there is the possibility of the outbreak, but blaming it on mews that we don’t have much info, as not to reveal too much and cause panic, like most news people try to do. (Though they normally fail)

          • So, like,
            “We think there might be a possibility of a Pandemic of the virus, but don’t panic, it’s not for certain.”?

          • Something along the lines of that. Use your own words, at the end of the post I will be giving my follow up.

          • What do you mean?

          • I mean go ahead and use your own words, I will do the whole, and mews corp will be giving us more. Be prepared for any breaking news, and be aware of the chance of interrupting updates. Bah blah blah stuff I love heard news guys say.

          • Gtg, almost 1 am for me, and I’m tired!!

            Nameless signing out.

      • I just got really busy today. I might have time, but if not, I’ll get my story to you tomorrow.

  4. Bye. It’s almost 1:45 for me. I am going to bed soon, but I’m watching Ask Thinknoodles.

  5. *Looks at last comments* Wow. We got kinda off topic. Oh well!

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