My First Contest!!!

Hey, everyone!

It’s time to get things rolling. There’s not much interaction in this blog, but I plan to change that! It’s time for our first contest!!! Write a story. That is, a story that has to do with Poptropica.  That’s right! You can submit ANY story that has to do with Poptropica! Now, every contest has to have guidelines, so here are ours.

  1. It can be one story or an episode story of no more than 5 episodes. No continuous stories please!
  2. This is a G-rated site. Please no gory violence. Battling is OK, as long as it isn’t gory.
  3. No copying! Be original! I will disqualify any and all stories that are the same or too similar.
  4. If you are entering an episode story, only give the first episode, please. If you are entering a long story, please only give me enough that I can get a good idea of what it is. A long story would be 1,000 words or more.
  5. Grammer helps! I won’t disqualify you if you have bad grammar/spelling, but I will put stories with good grammar/spelling before one without. If you don’t know the proper spelling, look it up.

I will choose three finalists. Then I will place. Third place will get an honorable mention in my next post. Second place will get a post with their story in it, (or multiple posts if they enter an episode story) and authorship. First place will get a page on the menu and editorship. Thanks, and good luck to those who are entering!

Young Flame and Nameless UNdefiNEd


18 thoughts on “My First Contest!!!

  1. 500 characters is very short! (Less than half the length of this post!) To give you an idea, the first episode of PopU is about 4,400 characters, not counting spaces.

  2. Here’s my story:

    The Heart Amulet
    Sitting on a rock, I strummed my long fingers across the wiggly strings across the guitar Bucky Lucas gave me and signed when I met him. The glowing dryads danced in the air, enjoying my neat music. I was always prepared with my Robin Hood dagger in case any animal wanted to act up on me, which never, and obviously not, happened. My arrows, too, were always sharp and stiff, ready to scare away animals if they are not good with me, Grey Feather.

    The dryads danced till their wings were so exhausted, they fell on the ground. The only way the could get back home was to crawl, climb, and effortlessly, jump. I also got worn out from strumming my fingers across the strings. They were painfully aching, so I found a special herb that would relieve it. Just as I was about to leave the forest, a very bright light shone in front of me almost leaving me blind. The Elf King appeared. “Aphrodite would like to give you something.” The next thing I know is that he was gone! I ran out the forest and to my blimp and off to where I live, Mythology Island.

    What could she want to give me? Why didn’t she give whatever she wanted to give me before? Thoughts saturated my mind. Could any of this have to do with the Elf Royalty? Aphrodite might answer these questions, I told myself. Just then, Mythology Island was in the corner of my eye. Leaning to the corner, I did a nutty flip and landed roughly on Main Street. With my herb-wrapped right hand, I opened up my almost-overflowing item bag and got out the magic mirror Aphrodite gave me. After I tapped “USE,” the mirror slid out. At the touch of the pink heart, I found myself standing right next to Aphrodite.

    “Grey Feather, you’re here at last!” said Aphrodite happily. “The Elf King and Queen thought you were neat – neat clothes everywhere you went and stuff – and powerful–in your actions of kindness. They wanted to award you, but they said they wanted you to have someone no one else in Poptropica would have. So I went to a black smith shop and asked the Black Smith God (I can’t remember his name since I just met ‘im) to make you this.” What Aphrodite was holding shone as bright as the Snitch from Quidditch. It looked like–Aphrodite’s amulet! Though the only difference was that it had something etched in the corner. I took the amulet to see what design had been carved. An award to Grey Feather for being neat and powerful by the Elf King and Queen ~#%$<*/ The last symbols seemed to be an elf signature. "They sent me the signature," hissed Aphrodite. My Neat And Powerful Award, I thought. My N.A.P.A.

  3. If you see any places that need itallics, put them in, ‘cuz I made it a page on G.F.N and copied the whole thing, and it lost the itallics.

  4. Could you have a story that’s based on a real un-poptropica story? Like an inspiration?

  5. Is the contest still on or is it too late?

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