Island Creation Part 2

ITS HERE! THE ISLAND CREATION CONTEST!!!!! YES!!!! Enter now!!! The form is either here:, or buy the book, Island Creator Kit. I need to know which island you like best. I might not enter, but I want your opinion in case I do. Vote below!!! Look on Island Creation for the descriptions of each island.

Update: Video Game Island. You get trapped in a video game. You have to beat it and fight your way out. It’s like playing it from the outside, but you are one of the characters. You have to fight and make your way to the boss battle where you battle the Brown Recluse. Once you defeat her, the hero of the game awards you the medallion and then you find you way out. Bonus Quest: Oh No! Brown Recluse has escaped the video game and you have to defeat her and get her back in the game!

Update 2: Time Mask Island: It’s the year 2021 and the Brown Recluse is at it again. She has enslaves all of Poptropica and it’s up to you to save them. You have to travel to the past (according to 2021 residents. you would travel to, like, 2015) to her hometown, Plains, Georgia, and see what started this villain on her infamous rampage of evil and use that information to try to stop her. (BTW Feel free to give suggestions to change the name of this island.)


Young Flame

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