Yes!!! Questions… Questions… Questions… For YOU!!! WHERE IS THE BODY!??!? TALK TO ME!!!! I’m kidding. I need to ask you guys a serious question about my home-site, Heroes Of Poptropicans. 

I opened an Author of The Month contest there, but the voting is almost COMPLETELY TIED!! Can you guys vote too!???? Here is the official link, . If you can’t see the poll, then please comment that you can’t see it and cast your vote via comment?? Please???? Also, I will talk to Young Flame about having Author Of The Month here (When we get a few more Authors that is)


Nameless UnDEFiNed



  1. I voted for you. And once we get more, I would like to have an Author of the Month contest!

    • I can make polls, so that will be good. Would you like me to ask around for more Authors?? (I think the reason you aren’t getting asked alot is because of your sign up sheet…) Nameless UnDEFiNed

      • Yeah. and what’s wrong with it?

        • Nothing!! It’s just fine, some people just aren’t into filling out long sign ups… It’d be easier to tell them to comment: 1. Do you have WordPressing experience??
          2. Do you want to be an Author or an Editor?? (Experience required for Editing position, not all positions may be available) 3. Have you ever kissed a squirrel??
          4. How often do you play Poptropica?? (and) 5. Do you have Poptropica Membership??

          That’s the kind of stuff I ask whenever I’m looking for Authors…

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