I have an important announcement!!

I am going to bring back The Nameless Adventures for a second season!!!!!!!!!!!   If you haven’t got an idea as to what I’m talking about, then click THIS LINK.  The Nameless Adventures is an original Poptropica short story series, written by me ~ Nameless.

I finished the first season with Episode 7. Though Episode 6 had the most action, and Episode 4 or 5 was a realization Episode. Expect Season 2 to be filled with Action, Adventures, and Glitching!! XD !!!!

Now the Season Premiere will not be posted for a while, but it is in the works. I thought I would let you all know. And this season, I would be happy to ask you readers, for those of you who actually read my writings, to send in ideas!!! See, I’ve had writer’s block for a short time, and I would love for you guys to interact this season. So please just comment your ideas on this post, or HERE??

I think that’s all



  1. I think the regular people will find out about Nameless and some will try to change the code and some will try to keep it.
    (BTW It kinda does remind me of Wreck It Ralph, but I know you wouldn’t steal it and I didn’t think of it until I actually thought of it (If that makes sense))

    • Oh, well you know the regular people RUN ThE DEfIAnCe, right?? She’s not the only glitch, but there are reg.s in the defiance…

  2. Oh, right. I forgot.

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