Ongoing Story- The Ongoing Adventures of Young Flame

Hey readers! I was inspired by the PHB (Poptropica Help Blog) to create an ongoing story. They have one at There’s no occasion, but if you have to have one, it would be 100 views. Here it is –

I am walking. Yes, just walking. No special reason. Why am I writing in this diary? I don’t know. I guess I just feel it. You know, like something special is about to happen. I’m walking in the woods on an undiscovered island called Dreamscape. There defiantly is mystery around it. It is in idea mode, but by the looks of it, it has been in idea mode for a while. Why? I don’t know. Ask them. Who’s them? I don’t know that either. I am walking with my twin, Red Rock, and my younger sister, Mighty Tornado. My mom, Big Hero, was just killed by a horrible sickness. We don’t know what it was, the doctor just said it wasn’t safe. We found a boat and left. We washed up here. Ever since we got here, I have been trying to act more removed from the group. I know not to rely on the world. I know not to get attached to anything. That includes family. Don’t get me wrong, I love my family. I just try not to get attached. It’s not working. I want to send them back, where it’s safe. I know it’s safer here than anywhere else. We aren’t defenseless. We can handle a bow and can yield a knife. We can scale trees better than most squirrels. But I still feel unsafe and uneasy. I don’t know. It might just be the grief talking. Who knows. I just know that we are walking. And something special is about to happen.

Add on in the comments. If you want to add something not in the story use parentheses e.g. (Young Flame should…). Always talk in the first person. Don’t kill Young Flame. Act like Young Flame is you. Don’t say something is happening unless Young Flame knows unless it’s a meanwhile e.g. Meanwhile, back at home…. The rest is up to you!



23 thoughts on “Ongoing Story- The Ongoing Adventures of Young Flame

  1. (Yay, first comment!) My sisters and I start to make a residence at the deserted Island. Once the tent is finished, we look to see if they can find some Islands they’ve been to. Suddenly, we see a volcano, and it disappears, then there’s a cave, and I see someone exploring, and working on the Island. “Let’s go and see who’s over there…” Once we arrive, we see a Poptropican wearing jeans, a white jacket over a red and gray striped shirt, a red cap turned backwards, and glasses. He turns around and notices us. “Do I, know you?” he asks. He knows he has seen us before. “If you don’t already know, I’m, Clean Shark…” He hasn’t seen who he’s referring to for a couple of months, so he can’t place his finger on it. (To Be Continued…)

  2. I continued walking,but then I heard a rustling in the bush. I opened it to find someone. “Who are you?”,I asked. “I am Fearless Storm. My family is poor. I am setting out to find something for us to survive.”,he said. I felt sorry for him. “Come,we shall help you.”

  3. (I’ll help things go along.)
    We hike until it gets dark. We set camp and set out our belongings. Fearless and Clean go out to look for food and I keep watch. I say I’ll only do first watch, but I never wake up my sisters for their shifts. They always get mad, but I don’t care. It’s my alone time and I get to write in this diary. Fearless and Clean return, their hands full of berries and herbs. We have a light dinner and I send everyone in the tent, but Clean refuses. We sit out together.
    “So. How long have you been out here?” Clean asks.
    “Oh, not long. My mother died not too long ago and about a year before that, my dad left home. We don’t know what happened to him,” I reply. Then I think of Fearless Shadow. “But my cousin, Fearless Shadow, has it worse. Both her parents died at once while she was off studying with the Medicine Man.”
    We sit in silence. I hear the crickets chirping and I feel like I just told a stranger my deep, dark secrets. But that’s because I did.
    “My mom always talked about someone else. I don’t know what she was referring to. She just said there was some one. She still wanted to see him, but he changed,” I whisper. I look into Clean’s eyes and see he feels my pain. The pain the goes along with you mother dying and your dad disappearing. The pains that comes with you aunt and uncle dying in such a short period of time. The pain that comes with being sent away. Never seeing anyone you love ever again. Well, not for a while at least.

  4. The next day we woke up and continued hiking. There,I spotted a small cottage.I knocked on the door,and I still can’t believe who opened the door. It was an old family friend,Red Lizard. “Young Flame?” She couldn’t believe it. She invited all of us in. She had a husband and a child,and the child,Bendy Pear was mostly at school or with his friends,and the husband,Strange Cat,was busy for most of the day in his own business .

    So,she was very lonely all day,till Bendy came back.She was very glad to see us again.We hadn’t seen her since a week before my mother died. “How come you aren’t living elsewhere?” “What do you mean?You haven’t received your mother’s will?” “We have a will? Can you tell us more about it, Miss Lizard?”,I asked.

    • “Well, Honey, it goes like this. I am the only one who knows about this will because your Mom wanted as few people to know about it as possible. I was to give this to the person who first found me and was a relative. You happened to be the first one.”

      I watched as she opened a jar among the flour and coffee beans and pulled out a tattered note. I looked at it and the following was written down in neat cursive.

      “To whomever reads these words
      I know that thou are kind.
      This will be the best key
      To unlock the power of your mind.

      Please guard this stone with your life
      Not just because it sparkles and shines
      But because this will open the lock
      that seals the treasures of my life.”

      I finished reading it, and then Red Lizard gave me a Peacock Ore Stone.

  5. “What lock will it open?” I ask.
    “Noone knows. Nobody except your mother. I am SO sorry for you. I offer you a place in my home and my heart. How long are you here for?” Red Lizard says.
    “We don’t really know. We need to stay away from our home island until the doctor says it’s safe,” Red Rock replies.
    We all go to the next room and set up our beds. I am stationed nearest to the door and Fearless is close to the window. Clean is on my right. My twin is right next to me on my left, and Mighty is in the middle, the most protected of us all. I long to be in her place for a minute. The minute ends when I realize that then she would have to be in my place, and my place in far too stressful for anyone. It’s almost too much for me, but I manage it for myself. This diary is my way to vent, and that’s what keeps me sane.

  6. We stayed at Red Lizard’s home most of the day.Bendy arrived from school,but had too much homework to spend time with us usually.As for the husband,Strange Cat,he was rarely at home,often busy.We only saw him in the morning,ready to leave for work.So,we usually helped Red Lizard with the chores.One day,Red Lizard came to our room.”Honey,Young?” I looked up. “Someone’s here,she’s saying she knows you.” I immediately thought of Fearless Shadow. “Yes,miss Lizard,I think she does.Please take me to her.” So,Red Lizard took me to the front door.When I look back on this,I wish I’d have told Miss Lizard to tell her that I had no idea who she was.Because when Red Lizard wished me good luck and closed the door on us,I realized that the girl was not Fearless Shadow,at all.It was her.

    Icy Comet.

  7. “Icy! What are YOU doing here!” I gasp.
    “Oh, me? I wanted to see how you were doing! I miss you. Remember those days when we were kids, too young to be explorers? Well, I do. We gad so much fun as kids,” she replied.
    “Um, do I know you? I don’t remember any Icy Comets being one of my friends!” I say, eyeing the girl.
    “Oh, don’t be silly. I’m SO sorry about your mother!” she said and you could tell she was trying to change the subject to cover her mistake.
    “How did you find me here?” I ask.
    “Oh, it was easy. I knew you weren’t on any of the islands because I know you despise them. This was really the only other place. The place we dreamed of as kids,” she says.
    “Well, thanks for dropping by,” I say, still eyeing her and you go back to Clean and Red.
    “Guys. We need to leave. An old enemy found us,” I whisper urgently.
    “Um, why? And where? I don’t really see the point. Red Lizard is protecting us fine and she is giving us shelter, food, and water. Stuff we couldn’t find out in the wild,” Red Rock says.
    “What if we go beat the islands? It will take a while, but it will work. Then we can go back home! C’mon! Let’s leave a note and go to an island at midnight tonight!” I say.
    “Fine. But only because I don’t want to be traveling with a crazy girl,” Clean says, looking at me with a teasing sparkle in his eyes.
    I write a note saying that we appreciate veerything she has done for us and that it’s not her, but something else that caused us to leave. We go out the door and shut it. I give the hut one last longing glance, and slip into the darkness.

  8. Suddenly,something grabbed me into the darkness. To this day-I still don’t know who it was. He sure wasn’t Icy Comet,though. But if I had to make an assumption of who it was,it would be my was-boyfriend.

    White Dragon.

  9. (YF, do you wanna help me with PAw’s OCS (Ongoing Story Creation)? It’s The PAw Print, and I added it under Awesome Stuff in the Menu…)

  10. (I…..uh…..guess I’ll just….um….continue?)



    A ghost wearing a black turban around his face and carrying a shovel goes into the biggest tent. “Master Vince?” “Yeeessss?”,a dark,ancient,evil voice comes out of the darkness.A candle is lit,and it proves to be Vince himself! “I…er…” “Have you found it yet?”,he asks,emphasizing on ‘it’.”Well….sir…..yes,and no.”

    “WHAT DO YOU MEAN,YOU BLUBBERING BABOON?!” “We found it,sir,in a cave nearby,but it looks like we need something to open it.” “AGAIN?!” “Yes,sir,again.Just like in Giza-” “DO NOT MENTION THAT WRETCHED PLACE IN FRONT OF ME!” “Yes,sir.” “One day,I will find that wretched Poptropican,and seize the treasure from him! Who knows what could have been there in the Sphinx!”

    “Sir….um….now that you mention it,I think I remember that Poptropican’s name.It was…umm….Dirty Whale or….no,it was Clean Shark,sir.” “Great! Now,I will find that fool and make him feel my wrath! I wonder where that moonstone gem is,anyway? But nevermind that,what is needed to open it?” “Sir,it’s a special gem,sir. You know, that one. ”

    “The Peacock Ore Gemstone? Where is it?!” “My sources tell me,sir,that the gem is with one of her daughters,Young Flame.She has friends with her though,her sisters,a Fearless Storm and…most coincedentally,Clean Shark.” “Lovely! I’ll hit two birds with one stone!” “You mean..” “Yes,I’ll handle this personally! My plans are too elaborate and important to be foiled by little girls and amateurs!” “Yes,sir.”,says the ghost,leaving the tent.

    Back on the top of Dreamscape Island ™ …

    “Who’re you?”,I said,struggling. “White Dragon,expert kidnapper.”

    (To be continued)

  11. (Cont. from SC)

    I go limp after hearing that name.
    “WD? Is that really you?” I whisper.
    “Yes, it is I, a long lost lover turned away,” he whispers caressing my head. It would have felt sweet, but it reminded me of an evil scientist petting a bird skull or something.
    “Wh-why would you do this to me? What have you done with my friends?”
    “Don’t worry. They’re safe. Let’s keep this conversation on you for now.” He twists me to face him. It’s just light enough to make out his face. I can just see the smile, but the shadows casted over his face make it hard to tell if it’s genuine or not.
    “You still never answered my first question. Why did you kidnap me?” I demand.
    His smile fades a bit. He studies me for a brief moment. I look away; I feel like his eyes are boring into my soul, collecting all my deepest, darkest secrets. He carefully puts a finger under my chin and pulls my head his way. Now it’s my turn to study HIM. So far, his actions have seemed gentle and innocent enough. Like a lover trying to regain his sweetheart’s affections. But when I look closer at his face, it looks hardened. Like it’s filled with regret, anger, and thirsty for revenge. I remember our time together. My breaking apart from him. My flash back ends with his hurt face and the words that have been haunting me for the past 3 years. ‘You’ll wish we stayed together Young Flame. I love you. You loved me. I’ll make sure nobody feels that love again.’
    I look back into his face again. I still can’t decipher his motives. He could be seeking revenge for the break up. But he could just as easily be trying to win me back. And I’m not sure which one is worse.
    Finally, he breaks the tension. He puts both of my hands into his. He’s squeezing them too hard. Whether he’s nervous or trying to unnerve me, I’m not sure. He smiles again. Te shows casted over his face makes it look horrifying. Like a scene from a horror movie. But under the shadows could be a sweet, loving boy.
    He leans in and whispers the words that I will need forget for the rest of my life. “Young Flame, I kidnapped you because…..

    (To be continued)

  12. “Someone wants you. Where is the gem?” Suddenly,he got knocked on the head and fell down. “Fearless?” “Young? Are you alright? Who is this thug?” “I…I don’t want to talk about it.” He nods knowingly. “I see. now come,I found something.”

  13. ….a shopping mall?! “Don’t worry,there’s a 20% discount sale on clothes!”,he assured me.

  14. (For goodness sake,can someone else continue already?!)

  15. I look over at Fearless and White.
    “What are we doing at a shopping mall?!? I’m running for my life here and you take me SHOPPING!” I turn to White. “You’ve seen me protect my siblings before. You’ve seen what I’m capable of. You better not mess.”
    Both of them take a step back. I pull Red and Mighty closer.
    “C’mon YF. Girls love shopping! I’ve seen girls drop everything for 20% off sales! Can’t you take a break for one minute and have some fun?!” Fearless argues. I become even more suspicious. Fearless is like me. She’s the kind of girl who want to survive. She isn’t the kind of girl to stop, drop, and shop.
    “Come with me. White, keep an eye on my sisters. Red, you’re in charge,” I growl and drag Fearless with me. I know I’m being hard, maybe even unreasonable, but I don’t care. I don’t want to die, especially not to Icy .

  16. However,later I thanked Fearless,as it was more of a grocery store. A supermarket,I had heard them being called. We got a lot of food and supplies.

  17. However,while we were leaving,we ran into…

    (Someone had better continue this,or else I will eat your livers)

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