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Hey from Young Flame to the few people who actually look at this blog.

As you may or may not know, the creators are starting a contest to make your own island. On the release date of the Island Creator Kit, August 1, creators are letting you send in plans for your very own island! The grand prize winner will get their name on the map! Well, their island name on the Poptropica map. Anyway, here is the link to the form- You do not need to buy the book to win or to enter, but the book might give you ideas. I have also created an island that I have pasted below if you need inspiration.

Dreamscape Island

Island Idea By Young Flame


This is an island idea that I plan on entering into the Island Creation Contest from Aug.1-Dec.24. I call it “Dreamscape Island”.

In Dreamscape, you land in what would be a perfectly normal neighborhood, a neighborhood that includes your own home. The only problem, everyone’s asleep! No one will wake up! They must be under a curse!!!

There are three main NPCs (NonPlayerCharacters). The mayor of the town, Mr. Undersee, your roommate/sidekick, Young Flame, and the villain of the island, Brown Recluse. Mr. Undersee is your normal guy with a grey beard and pressed suit. Young Flame is an average girl with not-so-average abilities and freckles! Brown Recluse is a very bad girl. She’s a shape shifter. Her two favorites are a normal girl and a 50 ft. Brown Recluse. In real life, she looks kind of like Black Widow’s gothic sister, well, because she is Black Widow’s gothic sister. Oh, and all the villains in Poptropica, including Zeus, Gretchen Grimlock, Speeding Spike, El Mustachio, and Black Widow. And don’t forget the one who organized this party, Brown Recluse.

The player will get the ability to fly, but only on that island and some means of transportation to other cities.

This is a little more about this island. You are going home after an exhausting day of completing islands. You walk into your apartment and see that no one is moving, well except for breathing. They are all asleep! After some investigating, and talking to your neighbor, Young Flame, you find out that all the villains in Poptropica have put everyone under a curse, and if someone doesn’t save them soon, they will all be drones to the villains. Who organized this little takeover? None other than Brown Recluse. You have to defeat the villains (I was thinking in a similar fashion of how you defeat them in their native island.), and each villain defeated means a little part of your neighborhood. Sounds easy, right? Well each villain is hidden in different cities, such as NYC and Los Vegas. Once you defeated every villain, you think you’re done, but you’re not. The mayor is still asleep and the clock’s ticking. You have to go into battle. A boss battle with none other than the Brown Recluse. Defeat her and the mayor awakens and awards you with the island medallion.

Bonus Quest- Oh No! Zeus and Brown Recluse are teamed up to destroy the capital of Poptropica, Poptropic D.C.! You have to save it, but how? Once you do, you receive another 50 credits and invisibility power (not usable on Spy Island).

Update: I just thought of another idea. It’s called Memory Foam. The town you live in has suddenly fallen into shambles (meaning it is in bad shape). Only one person knows what happened, Young Flame. You have to go into her memories and try to find out what happened. But bad news! There are memory monsters and the Brown Recluse doesn’t want you getting in her way. The bonus quest is you have to go back and make it look like you haven’t been in Young Flame’s mind or else you could make things worse.



10 thoughts on “Island Creation

  1. Great idea, Young Flame!

    • Thanks! I worked hard on it!

    • @AWesoMe~ AngryWing, could I be on your blog, JustCuzItsFriday??

      And I havve been working on what I will submit, but I’m not going to publicly tell anyone what it is.

      Nameless UnDEFiNed
      P.S. I like your Blog YF. It’s awesomeness. And can I be an Editor?? My WP Username is ross1dog

      • @Nameless UNdefiNEd

        I appreciate the fact that you follow and enjoy my blog, but currently the friends I have working on it are all people I know. I would love to see your submission, however. Maybe a guest post is in order.

        • I’m sorry, but I’m a little confused by what you’re saying… Umm, what do you mean submission?? Like an entry post??

          Nameless UnDEFiNed from the WordPress app on iPhone.

          • Yeah, that’s pretty much what I mean.

          • Cool, I have plenty of those 🙂 lol and if you need to see some blogging of mine that isn’t JUST pop blogging, then you can see the link to The Teenage Herald on my gravatar. It’s my only non-tropica blog.


            Sent from my iPhone


  2. Awesome Young Flame! 😀

  3. It would seem ackward if you were playing this,then your roommate would say,”Hi,Young Flame.I’m Young Flame.”

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