Ideas for my Blog

Hey. Young Flame here! What do you think of my blog? Do you think I should add something? Take something away? Edit something? If you said yes to any of those questions, you are in the right place. This is a no judgment page where you can express your opinion of just about anything related to my blog! Let me know using a comment below!

*Note. Any bullying, mean or rude language, or anything Young Flame find inappropriate to this page WILL be deleted!


Young Flame


9 thoughts on “Ideas for my Blog

  1. Hey, could I add / Update a costumes page?? I have a little over 40 or so… Or a Partnership page? (Like the one I was attempting to explain on TPN, but this one would get us more views…… And possibly more followers)

  2. May I please add my story in a page? I wanted to but since I’m an author, I can’t (I will NOT ask to be promoted because that’s rude). Also, maybe you should make a newspaper (no rival to Poptropican’s 411 or Popping News). If you want, we can discuss this over email.

  3. I like Bony Catfish’s idea of a magazine/newspaper thing. I could do some editing for it…I did format my school magazine twice, and about a third of the yearbook, so…

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